7 Self Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself

7 Self Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself

7 Self Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself

There are times in life where you may feel lost and without a purpose. When life is busy or chaotic, we tend to lose our grounding and center. Suddenly you wake up and realize you don’t really know who you are or what you’re supposed to be doing. When you ask yourself self-reflective questions, you inquire within about your deepest truths.

Once you know what your truths are, you can begin to design your life to be the work of art you want it to be. The answers to your questions may not always come right away or easily. If you ask them to yourself however, you are planting the seeds to greater understanding of life and how you fit into it. When you self-reflect, you can keep your longings and goals in check which is where self-improvement will come. 

1. Am I Giving My Time to the Right Things?

time for right things

Time Management Techniques

Time is a precious thing so consider what it is you’re doing with your time. Are you using it wisely or doing counterproductive motions. This could include trying to fix something from the past. It may be even more productive to take a break and do absolutely nothing for a recharge. Finding yourself in a job that feels terrible to you daily is not a great way to better your life. Time should be spent on finding challenges that offer a dream or goal of yours at the end of it. Look at what you were doing ten years ago and how those things brought you to where you are today.

2. Am I Taking Things for Granted?

am i taking things for granted

Things that Inspire Us

The power of gratitude is the opposite of taking things for granted. Ask yourself what amazing things are happening in your life that you don’t see. It could be the place you live, the air you breathe or the people in your life. There are things that are great, maybe you just stopped seeing it. 

3. Do I Have a Positive Attitude?

positive attitude

Maintain Positive Attitude

A lot of times, you’re the last person to know that you’re being really negative. It becomes unnoticeable to you like any bad habit. How are you seeing things right now? Do you smile more often than frown? Are you being kind to the people around you and offering them inspiration or bringing them down? Look into yourself as well as the reactions of people around you. 

4. Am I Living My Life in Truth?


Build Inner Strength

This is a pretty deep question that may take some time to answer. It’s not always so clear because first you must find what your truth is. You have an emotional system within you that lets you know if the thought of something makes you happy or afraid. Visualizing something you are considering can be a powerful tool. Perhaps you were offered a job and you’re not sure if it fits with your life’s truths. Imagine yourself sitting in the space you’d be working and see how it resonates with you. If you don’t live your life in truth, it’s hard to find true happiness. Search often to find the real answer to this question and align your life to make sure you can live in truth.

5. How Do I Feel When I Wake Up?

wake up

Things to Do before 8 AM

When you wake up over the next few days, ask yourself how you feel. Are you ready to conquer the day and make it the best ever? If your answer is yes, see all of your interactions and experiences as positive. Even that meeting you don’t want to attend, see it as a positive and it likely will be. Maybe you don’t feel great and if this is the case, investigate. Starting the day off right is important to the rest of your day.

6. Am I Embracing My Relationships?

love couple

Maintain Healthy Relationships

When you spend a lot of time with people, you may stop appreciating them as much. If you’ve ever had somebody pass away, you know the feeling of your relationships. Do you look the people you love in the eye when they speak or stare down at your device? Look back at how you treat the people in your life and ask if you’re valuing them the way you should. These relationships are the lifeblood to happiness so embrace them fully.

7. Am I Nurturing Myself?

do some yoga stretches

When you’re stressed, how do you manage it? Do you take something to alleviate the pain stress can give you or do you do some yoga stretches? Do you feed yourself well or do you eat convenient foods that lack nutrition? Think about how you’re treating your body, mind and soul. No matter how much you have to do daily, you have to take care of yourself first.