How to Increase Employee Productivity

How to Increase Employee Productivity

How to Increase Employee Productivity

Every organization wants to increase its productivity and take the organization to new heights. ( Things I Learned About Productivity ) It is important to understand a few tips if you want the productivity of your company to increase. Motivation is an important factor for the worker to increase the productivity of the company. A worker spends more than half of his day with the people he works, so it becomes a natural instinct that the his mood depends on the atmosphere at work.

Few of the tips to increase the productivity are given below..

1. Work Atmosphere

Work Atmosphere

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It is very important to create a family atmosphere at work. The employee should not feel emotionally detached from his co-workers. A bond is necessary to work with people you spend your time with.

2. Make Your Employee Understand What are You Expecting

Make Your Employee Understand

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It is necessary to make your employee understand what you are exactly expecting out of their work. An employee will work for you only if they have a clear understand of the result that is anticipated from them.             

3. Acknowledge Your Employees Hardwork

Acknowledge Your Employees

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It is important to make your employee feel wanted. Acknowledging the hard work of your employee only encourages him to work harder and achieve the company targets. The acknowledgment need not be in the form of a bonus or reward; even encouraging words appreciating the effort are enough to make the employee feel good. 

4. Be Open to Suggestions

Be Open to Suggestions

Always be open to the suggestions of your employees. You may or may not accept everything that they say. Let your decision be the last word. If you feel a suggestion is not worth applying, tell your employee why you think so. A healthy conversation between an employer and employee makes the employee feel a more important part of the organization.

5. Know Your Employee

Know Your Employee

To know an employee is to know his background as well. You need to understand the mental state of a person to know his motivation for work. Different people working may be motivated to work due to different reasons.

6. Do Not Over Stress

Do Not Over Stress

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Never over stress your employees. It is important to understand that your employees cannot give productivity if they work under pressure. It is required to be a little firm with the deadlines and work but do not go overboard with the treatment. Remember your employee is working for you, if you over burden him, he will eventually loose interest

7. Provide Equipment

Provide Equipment

Provide your employee with the equipment he needs to work with. Without the proper equipment you cannot expect your employee to give you productivity.

8. Celebrate


You do not need a huge success to celebrate. Letting the hair down once in a while is important for your employee. Celebrating a small success also helps reduce stress from the minds of your employees. Celebration need not mean party; it can be an activity like a brainstorming session to make your employee think out of the box.

9. Make Sure Your Employee Rests

Make Sure Your Employee Rests

If your employee doesn’t rest properly, he will fall sick and if he falls sick, it reduces the productivity. ( Habits of Productive People ) Make sure your employee gets adequate amount of rest to continue working on an everyday basis.

10. Give Constructive Feedback

Give Constructive Feedback

Keep a check on the work and activity of your employees. Give regular feedbacks on the work that they are doing. The feedback should be constructive and given on a regular basis so that your employee can improve in his work.