3 Killer Ways to Defeat Your Fears  

3 Killer Ways to Defeat Your Fears  

3 Killer Ways to Defeat Your Fears  

As a hypnotherapist, I have helped hundreds of people overcome their fears, anxieties, and phobias. Many people feel trapped and suffocated by their fears, believing there is no way out, no way to defeat the anxiety and accept that they will always live with their fear.

The 3 most common fears are Heights, Spiders and Public Speaking. Even phobics who have an unconscious immediate response to run away, even when someone is only talking about a small harmless house spider, can be cured of their life limiting fear.

This article will teach you 3 killer ways to overcome your fears by increasing your confidence

Positive Fear Killer

A phobic has only one perspective when it comes to their fear, they focus on the emotional response. This overwhelming emotional overload fires of the fight, flight or freeze response.


This negative focus only increases your fears. The perspective of the phobic is one of being in the situation in there here and now. When thinking about a spider, they imagine a massive spider right in front of them. They see the sharp fangs, the muscular legs and imagine the spider chasing them.

negitive fear

What you focus on you feel. If you focus on the fear you will feel fear. To kill this perspective focus on a new emotion; intrigue, calmness or confidence. The mind can only feel one emotion at a time. If you imagine being intrigued rather than fear when  you see a small spider, you will have a different response. Over time, this new response becomes the associated emotion to the stimulus.

Confident Posture

Your mind and body are connected. When you feel anxious your posture responds to this thought. Your body becomes stiff, rigid and you find comfort from hugging yourself, making yourself into a small object.


When you are scared to do you find that you hug yourself by wrapping your arms around your body, slump your shoulders and lower your head? This is a protective posture. Your negative stance creates negative emotions


To increase confidence you need to stand confidently. By changing your posture, hold your head up high, shoulders back, feet stood shoulder width apart and a confident smile on your face, you will naturally start to feel more confident.  Your body will send your mind a new message you feel more confident

Fearless Communication

The common trigger for fears and anxiety is our own self –talk. Have you found yourself prior to an interview telling yourself “I will never pass this interview” “she looks more employable than me” “I will mess this up” “I don’t deserve this job”  

customer loyality

It's our own negative self-talk that limits our own ability to perform well in the job interview. If you kill the devil in your head you will kill the anxiety.

To feel confident you need to state an affirmation that you truly believe, over and over again, using a power voice. Your power voice is a loud, strong and confident voice. The tone of the voice, as well as the positive affirmations, tells you brain to make you feel confident.

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To kill your fears, anxieties and phobias you need to  talk positively to yourself, stand with a confident posture and approach a stimulus with a new positive perspective. These 3 simple techniques will have a massive impact on emotional response, giving you the control back.