Overcoming Fear


Fear. It can stop you from reaching your goals. It can make you lose sight of what is unique about you. Alot of us have issues with fear and it has handicapped many people who let fear take over them. They have stopped living and settled for "being safe" instead of really living.


The only way to beat fear is to challenge it – to not let it consume you. If you do let fear get to you it will tear you up from the inside and you might lose out on a lot of great opportunities.

Fear Comes from our Insecurities

Fear Comes from our Insecurities

Fear comes from our insecurities. We think that we aren't good enough or that we will fail. It whispers to us that we shouldn't even try. When those thoughts come into our head, the best thing to do is to fight them and do the opposite.

We have all a great inner strength that can fight the bad thoughts that fear puts into our minds. The way to stop those thoughts is to believe in yourself. That old saying that goes, "Fake it until you make it" is very true.

Even if we haven't succeeded yet at something or we aren't quite there in what we are trying to accomplish, if we visualize ourselves making it and succeeding, that gives us that extra push that we need and the confidence to succeed.

Think of fear as a person who is trying to hold you down. Someone who doesn't want you to win and thrives on you failing. Every time you give in to fear, it grows stronger and gets more power. You win by not giving fear that power. You take back your personal power each time you don't give in to fear and you get stronger each time getting closer to your goal.

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