6 Things your Voice can Reveal About Personality and Health

6 Things your Voice can Reveal About Personality and Health

6 Things your Voice can Reveal About Personality and Health

Personality and health go hand in hand; both cannot be revealed only by your physical appearance but also from your voice. The emotions and feelings can be known by your way of talking or from the tone of your voice.

Few things can help you out to know the personality and health of a person from your voice.

1. Commanding Tone

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The person having a commanding tone seems to be the healthiest person. The strength and the authoritative tone of a person’s voice tell us about your good health and personality. It can address a number of people by putting a great first impression on them and even being able to mould them according to your own wishes. The depth and the intensity in your voice can make people get attracted towards them.

2. Nervousness in Tone

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There is a bit of nervousness in the tone when you are not confident.  It is even sometimes due to health problems as well that the nervous system gets weak. If you are telling lies or hiding something, it shows that you are nervous. Your tone will not be all that energetic. It will be of a submissive type and sometimes you may not even stick to your words. You will usually fumble which shows that you are quite nervous and weak.

3. Threatening Tone

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It predicts the nature of the person of how he behaves with his friends and foes. You would get furious and agitated at petty things and would want to live his life on your own terms. Not only this, the harshness of your voice also tells that you are not compatible with anyone. Though you might be good at heart, but still the loudness in your tone makes you a bit aloof from the people as sometimes the people may feel scared in your company.

4. Rejoicing Tone when you are successful

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When you are successful or happy, the pitch of your tone reflects the happiness inside you and of course the confidence. One can come to know how elated you are from your tone as you interact with everyone in a very cheerful manner and find everything very pleasant all around you.

5. Casual Manner

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 When you are with your friends or close ones, you prefer to talk without any formality in a very casual, carefree manner and without any hesitation. This depicts your attitude towards your peers. The tone of your voice becomes very friendly and you are more humorous. You like to crack jokes and everyone enjoys being in your company. This is generally the tone when you are normal. There are no hassles or tensions in your mind as this is the time when you find yourself stress-free.

6. Marital Status

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One might have seen that there comes a change in the tone of the married couples after a few years of marriage. You can even judge the relationship between the couples whether they are compatible with each other or not from the pitch of their tone which reflects your relationship with a spouse.