Most Expensive Wood

Most Expensive Wood

Most Expensive Wood

Wood is a permeable and rubbery structural tissue. It is obtained from the stems and roots of different trees and also other woody plants. This list brings to you the most expensive wood from around the globe. The list begins with Bocote being the costliest and ends with Agar wood, which is also called Oodh or Oud. The top-grade agarwood is one of the most exclusive natural raw materials on earth.

The present global market for this wood is assessed to vary between US $6 – 8 billion. Its market is growing fast. Let us have a look at the other most expensive wood featuring on this record.

1. Bocote - $32.99/Board Feet


Bocote is the most expensive wood and belongs to the Cordia. Cordia is a type of flowering plant in the borage family. It covers around 300 classes of the shrubs and the trees. These shrubs and trees are also found all around the globe, but mostly, in the hotter regions.

2. Bubinga - $18.99/Board Feet


Bubinga is a species of flower-bearing plant in the group Guibourtia. It arises in the swampy areas but also from time to time, in somewhat flooded forests. It occurs near the rivers or lake coasts too. From the same genus, Guibourtia,another fabulous luxury timber can be obtained, called the Bangkok. 

3. Dalbergia - $14-16/Board Feet


The Dalbergia is belongs to the genus Albertina. Albertina is identified as a great genus ranging from the small to medium-sized trees, and also the shrubs and the pea family, namely, the Barefaced. This genus has extensive distribution that is innate to tropical areas of the Central and the South America, and also Africa, the Madagascar and the south of Asia.

4. Purple Heart - $11.99/Board Feet


The Purple Heart allows one to enjoy the best kind of 20 board feet. It comes in a variety of widths and provides you with enough wood to make perfectly good furniture. It is well surfaced and also kiln dried.

5. Lignum Vitae - $5/Pound


This is a lovely wood which ranges from a variety of olive greens to dark browns. Usually the texture is fine with an oily feel and is durable not only for outdoor use but also to dangers like insect attack.

6. Pink Ivory - $7-8/Board Feet


Pink Ivory also called Red Ivory is a rare African wood. Usually seen in billiard cues and knife handles it is also used for medicinal purposes. Polishing it improves its shine. In fact it is as special as rare diamonds.

7. Agar Wood - $10000/Kg


Agar Wood is a dark heartwood from Aquilaria tree. Existing since 3000 years pure oil can be extracted rom this. It has a unique fragrance and is gradually getting extinct. Its demand is increasing gradually as it is very valuable.

8. Ebony - $10000 /Kg


Ebony is also called Black Timber and has a high density with lot of smoothness and polishing. Guitar picks, harpsichord keys, cello fingerboards all have ebony in them. It is insect resistant and is a luxury wood with great durability.

9. Sandalwood - $20,000/kg


Sandalwood is very expensive and belongs to a class of perfumed wood . Many oils are derived from this special wood. It is thus very expensive and valuable and its fine grains help it to retain its perfume for long.

10. African Blackwood - $ 10,000/kg

african blackwood

This is a rare kind of wood used for many musical instruments. It is usually a rare kind of wood and is getting threatened of getting extinct. It is in the expensive category of wood and is popular for its utility value.

Aren’t they lovely? While their quality is unquestionable, their texture is breath-takingly gorgeous. The colors that they are available in also change your basic notion of wood being brown. For example, the Pink ivory wood ranges from pale brownish pink to a cheerful, almost neon pink to an unfathomable red. How’s that for beautiful?!