Most Expensive Rapper Houses

Most Expensive Rapper Houses

Most Expensive Rapper Houses

Rappers – people who speak several words at the speed of lightning, have a gold chain and an attitude full of swag with them. Delivering a super hit song is almost a child’s play for them. They earn millions of money with the blockbusters and spend it like a king. Fancy clothes, super expensive cars, lavish and royal parties, palatial homes, etc. are what their life looks like.

Here is a list of the most expensive homes that rappers have and how much money they have spent on their home sweet home:-

1. Jay-Z- $45 Million (Malibu)

jay z

The palatial mansion of the famous singer couple Jay-Z and Beyonce is a huge mansion inspired by the Italian Renaissance architecture. Located in Malibu, the 16000 feet mansion boasts seven rooms, nine bathrooms, a tennis court, a pool, and a recreation center. 

2. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith- $42 million (Calabasas)

will smith

The home of the 1980s rapper is a palace huge enough to make anyone wonder with awe. The property is of 25000 feet. It has a swimming pool, a basketball and a tennis court in the space. 

3. Dr. Dre - $40 million  (Brentwood)

dr dre

The first billionaire rapper has a home of 18000 square feet which has nine bathrooms, five bedrooms, a sauna and a moat. The house is no less than a palace along with the luxury and the grandiose it gives to the user. 

4. Kanye West- $ 20 million (Calabasas)

kim kardashian kanye west house

Located in Calabasas, the prime location of many rappers, the mansion is super large with 16000 square feet of space having eight bedrooms, two swimming pools, a game room, and a vineyard.

5. Pharrell Williams – $16.8 million (Miami)

phareel willaism

6. 50 cent - $14.5 million (Connecticut)

hc 50 cent bankruptcy creditors hearing 20150805

7. Birdman-$14.5 million (Miami)


8. Lil Wayne- $14 million (Miami)

lil wayne house 1

9. Diddy- $13 million (New Jersey)


10. Drake- $7.7 million (Hidden Hills)


The list shows the power of money which can be used to earn a rich and a lavish lifestyle.