Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Having a home of yours, where you can relax and enjoy all kinds of comfort is a dream of every person on the earth. Luxurious houses are the kind every man and woman dreams of.

Ever wonder where do celebrities relieve stress after a hectic day? How far can they go to own a place to suit their extravagant lifestyle? Imagine a house with Olympic sized swimming pools, basketball courts, Ice-skating rinks, lakes and every other facility that you could do wish for. Well here is the list of the most expensive celebrity houses.

1. Aaron Spelling, Los Angeles, California - $150 Million

aaron spelling, los angeles, california

Aaron Spelling is a TV producer with several TV and movie hits to his name. He owns a house, which is like a paradise. He has a modern gymnasium, fantastic cowling alley, orchard, tennis court and a skating rink.

2. Bill Gates, Medina, Washington - $147.5 Million

bill gates, medina, washington

Bill Gates is a well-known billionaire. He owns a house with an artificial stream with fishes, boat docks and a trampoline room, to name a few luxurious facilities.

3. Oprah Winfrey, Montecito, California - $85 Million

oprah winfrey, montecito, california

Oprah Winfrey is the famous Queen of Talk. Her house includes a rose garden, a tennis court, a state-of-the-art theatre, fireplaces, a man-made lake with fishes, and guest houses.

4. Hugh Hefner, Los Angeles, California - $54 Million

hugh hefner, los angeles, california

5. Billy Joel, Miami Beach, Florida - $35 Million

billy joel, miami beach, florida

6. Jerry Seinfeld, The Hamptons, New York - $32 Million

jerry seinfeld, the hamptons, new york

7. Christie Brinkley, Long Island, New York - $30 Million

christie brinkley, long island, new york

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brentwood County, California - $23.5 Million

arnold schwarzenegger, brentwood

Taking a look at the mansions possessed by celebrities, makes one feel that buying a home is definitely an expensive proposition. How much are you willing to pay to live in a lavish palace fitted with the most luxurious facilities? Well, the homes mentioned here will definitely make you think twice before purchasing, even if you're among the super rich.

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