Most Expensive Men Shoes

Most Expensive Men Shoes

Most Expensive Men Shoes

So you are a fashion freak? And you can go to any extent to be trendy and fashionable all the time?. Then you are at the right place, Here we have the very latest and top most footwear’s, which will not only make you look extraordinary but it will make you spend an ample amount to get the lavish look.

We will have a look at all the famous brands with latest trending items. They are known not only for their luxurious cost but also for the royal comfort which they provide. Have a look, we have got the best thing for you.

1. Air Jordan Silver Shoes : Price - $60,000

air jordan silver shoes

This is one of the most lavish shoes you can ever get. They provide you the extraordinary comfort and it's a luxury to own for sure. It looks like a sports shoe, but can be worn anywhere, anytime and for any purpose. The most distinct thing in their look is a unique shade of grey, which can make it's uniqueness feel just by their extravagant look. It's ordered online especially and available at retail stores too.

2. Air Force 1 by Nike : Price - $50,000

air force 1 by nike

It's an outstanding pair of nike shoes and they are especially designed to give you the best comfort ever. Nike logo is studded with 11 carat stones, which give it a brilliant look. It was Designed and launched by the very renowned company, Nike. And if you are planning to buy a breathtaking pair of shoe, then just go for these pair.

3. Testoni Dress Shoes : Price - $38,000

testoni dress shoes

These are the exceptionally jazzy pair of shoes, and Specially designed for those who want to own fashionable and trendy assets. They are have a very unique and tough texture and their design is breathing. These are hand crafted by using calf skin. These are water- proof and exclusively used by the royal class. The color and shades used are very extravagant and stylish.

4. Louis Vuitton Shoes : Price - $10,000

louis vuitton shoes

Louis Vuitton, The brand name is itself enough to tell about the quality and brillInc of their products. The shoes are very lavish and have been crafted very beautifully. They are dark, so can be worn for formal purposes. They look wonderful and have been designed using the expensive materials and being extensively used by many. It's texture and colors are very extravagant.

5. Stefano Bemer Shoes : Price - $2000

stefano bemer shoes

6. Berluti Rapieces Reprises : Price - $1830

berluti rapieces reprises

7. New & Lingwood Russian Calf Shoes : Price - $1550

new   lingwood russian calf shoes

8. Salvatore Ferragamo Python Loafer : Price - $985

salvatore ferragamo python loafer

9. Barker Black Ostrich Cap Toe : Price - $975

barker black ostrich cap toe

10. Swarovski x Fila FX 2 : Price - $585

swarovski x fila fx 2

If you want to own a classic and trendy shoes and you have the budget. Then what are you waiting for? That's the list above, go get one. They are all brilliant products which will serve the purpose of giving you the desired comfort and also a fashionable and classy look.