8 Most Expensive Sneakers

8 Most Expensive Sneakers

8 Most Expensive Sneakers

Since Michael Jordan suited up for the Chicago Bulls in 1984, sneakers have been a hot commodity. But in recent years, sneakers have become more than shoes strictly worn for athletic purposes. This prompted big name brands to develop shoes designed for casual use, resulting in huge sneaker revenue numbers never been before in the footwear market. As expected, not all sneakers are priced the same, with celebrity collaborations and limited edition releases usually costing no less than $1,000. So, here are the eight most expensive sneakers ever released:

1. Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October - $24,000

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Before there was the Adidas Yeezy, there was the Nike Yeezy. Kanye West debuted the first-ever Yeezy, the Air Yeezy, in 2009 and followed up with some successful releases in succeeding years. But Kanye's defining moment in Nike would be the release of Yeezy 2 Red October in 2014. The shoe combines a bold red colorway with fish scale and fin designs, resulting in a unique aesthetic that would pave the way for future Yeezy releases. Undeniably the most popular Nike Yeezy shoe, the Red Octobers were initially sold at a retail price of $245. But by the time Kanye switched to Adidas resellers were now selling it for around $24,000.

2. Adidas Human Race NMD Pharell x Chanel - $26,000

The Adidas-Pharell NMD collaboration has been one of the most profitable collaborations for the Three Stripes in recent years. Already one of Adidas' best-selling sneakers, the NMD reached even greater heights after producer Pharell Williams started releasing his own line of NMDs in 2016. A year later, Adidas and Pharell together with luxury brand Chanel released a limited edition NMD which was only made available in Chanel's pop-up store in Paris. The shoe features a black upper and white midsole with a Chanel text also printed in the shoe's upper.

3. Air Jordan 4 Retro x Eminem x Carhartt - $32,000

If there's one brand that has represents the longevity of the sneaker industry, it's the Air Jordan. Debuting in 1984, 33 official versions of the Jordan sneakers have been released, and this doesn't include the hundreds of collaborations that have also hit shelves over the years. One such collaboration is the Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carharrt, which actually never sold in sneaker stores only 10 pairs were made.

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This collaboration unites the Jordan brand with Grammy-winning rapper Eminem and workwear label Carhartt to develop a simple yet striking look of the Air Jordan 4. Released in 2015, the shoe celebrates the 15th anniversary of Eminem's 5x platinum album “The Marshall Mathers LP”, and features a black colorway and metallic silver accents. Prices went as high as $32,000 in online reselling marketplace StockX.

4. Air Jordan 11 Retro Premium Derek Jeter - $40,000

In 2002, baseball legend Derek Jeter became the first baseball player to be sponsored by the Jordan Brand. Nearly two decades later, Jeter is still with the Jumpman and becomes the second-longest tenured athlete in the company, only trailing the legendary Michael Jordan himself. After retiring in 2014, Jeter launched his signature “RE2PECT” line under the Jordan Brand which would feature the highly popular Derek Jeter Air Jordan 11. The shoe features a suede fabric, dark blue colorway, and Jeter's jersey number embroidered on the heel. Only five pairs were ever released in 2018 with the shoe currently valued at $40,000.

5. Nike SB Dunk Low Paris - $55,000

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Aside from the high top Air Jordans, no other Nike sneaker has seen more collaborations than the SB Dunk Low. The skateboarding shoe was initially released in 2000 but has grown to be a favorite among casual sneakerheads. The SB Dunk Low Paris which features colorful works from renowned French painter Bernard Buffet is one of the most unique SB Dunks and one of the most expensive Nike shoes ever released. Unfortunately, the chances of finding it on sneaker shelves are as slim as purchasing at retail price.

6. Buscemi 100mm Diamond - $132,000

Any diamond-laden footwear guarantees an expensive price tag. American luxury footwear brand Buscemi released the 100mm diamond sneaker in 2016 which boasts 11.50 carats of diamond and 18-karat gold. The shoe comprises an all-white exterior with diamonds and gold being sprinkled on the straps. Unlike the other sneakers on this list, customers can easily buy this shoe at physical stores, specifically Buschemi's two stores in New York. But at $132,000, it may not be an easy purchase even if these sneakers never get sold out. 

7. Nike Air Mag Back to the Future - $200,000

Inspired by the sneakers worn by Marty McFly in the 1989 classic film “Back to the Future II”, Nike released the Magnetic Anti-Gravity (in short, the Mag). The Nike Mag was initially released in 2011 but would be re-released five years later. The self-lacing version of the Mag was unveiled on October 21, 2015, the same day McFly visited the future in the movie.

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Upon its re-release in 2016, the Mag debuted Nike's self-lacing technology, an innovative sneaker tech that would make the shoe adjust itself to the wearer's foot with a single tap of a button located at the shoe's counter lining. The same tech would be used in future Nike self-lacing shoes such as the Hyperadapt and the BB Adapt. Less than 2,000 pairs were ever released with the shoe reported being sold at $200,000 in one auction.    

8. Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan 10 - $2 Million

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A sneaker made entirely of pure gold was always inevitable. Rapper Drake managed to grab a Solid Gold OVO Air Jordan 10 sneakers coated in 24-karat gold which was created by mixed-media artist Matthew Senna. Worth over $2 million and weighing 100 pounds, the gold Air Jordan 10 replicates every detail from the original Air Jordan 10, from the structure of the upper to the Jumpman heel logo and even to the details in the shoe's sole. Drake has the only pair in the world right now, but getting in touch with Matthew Senna may just give you chance to grab the pair yourself; all you need is $2 million. The Solid Gold OVO isn’t only the most expensive Jordan shoes but the most expensive basketball shoes ever.  

Sneakers will only get popular in the next few years. And with this, expect prices for limited pairs to go up as well.