Most Expensive Rapper Jewelry

Most Expensive Rapper Jewelry

Most Expensive Rapper Jewelry

21st century is the age of rappers. Gone are the days, when people used to hear those pop songs, now is the time for the Rap songs. Just like the songs, Rappers are very open and like to brandish their jewelry.

This may sound awkward, but rappers wear some of the most weird and Expensive jewelries. No matter, they are rapping or walking on a red carpet, you will always see them adorned with jewelries. Chains are the most typical choice of their jewelry.

1. Rick Ross Gold Chain of His Face - $1,500,000

rick rossgold chain of his face

We keep on hearing that some people are crazy, but this is insane. Rick Ross apparently loves his face so much that he made a gold chain of his face with a whopping value of $1,500,000. We can only dream of such price tag jewelry.

2. Sean Kingston, Box of Crayons - $ 500,000

sean kingston,box of crayons

This rapper breached the music world at a young age and earned a great fame through successful hit albums. He may be grown up now, but he longs his childhood days so much that he made a crayon shaped jewelry chain, costing $500,000.

3. T-Pain, Big Ass Chain - $410,000

t pain, big ass chain

Just writing the list makes our head spin with all those numbers. T-pain has carved a huge chain with 197 carat gold with a big inscription named ‘Big Ass Chain’. We can only guess how heavy it must be.

4. 2 Chainz, Jewelry Collection- $350,000

2 chainz, jewelry collection

We have always loved his tracks and his display of jewelry collection. It seems he got so much liking to the jewelry that cost him around $350,000.

5. Kanye West, Horus Chain – $300,000

kanye west, horus chain

6. Slick Rick, Chains – $250,000

 slick rick, chains

7. Waka Flocka Flame, Muppet Chain – $100,000

waka flocka flame, muppet chain

8. Chamillionaire, Chameleon Chain – $100,000

chamillionaire,chameleon chain

9. Young Jeezy, Certified USDA Chain – $100,000

young jeezy,certified usdachain

10. Yung Joc, Chain – $50,000

yung joc,chain

We can’t fathom the thought of buying those jewelries, let alone wear them. Rappers are sure unusual guys, but they sure knows to adorn some expensive jewelries.