Most Expensive Tasting Menus

Most Expensive Tasting Menus

Most Expensive Tasting Menus

If you wish to truly experience food in style, try ordering a multi-cuisine tasting menu on their list. These may not be the best deal, but it’s a gastronomical journey to achieve a heightened sense of taste. When ordering such menus, keep in mind the cost which can sometimes range from $300 to $1500 per head depending on the restaurant and country.

1. Sublimotion Ibiza Spain - $1500 Per Person

 sublimotion  ibiza  spain

  • Price - $1500 plus per person (drinks not included)
  • Courses – serves 20

Rated as no. 1 and known for its celebrity presence, it is located in the Hard Rock Hotel on the Mediterranean Sea. Famous for deconstructed Bloody Mary and Nitrogenous Olive Oil, the dinner here is no less than a theatre performance.

2. Guy Savoy Paris France - $660 Per Person

guy savoy  paris  france

  • Price - $660 per person (drinks not included)
  • Courses– serves 18

Also located in Las Vegas, this three Michelin star winner offers different ranges of menus starting at $490 and going up to $660 per person. The dishes include lobster tart with chanterelle mushrooms and verbena, as well as something called surf and turf “saddle.

3. Masa New York - $580 Per Person

masa  new york

  • Price- $580 per person (drinks not included)
  • Courses – serves 26

Opened in 2004 in the Time Warner Center by Chef Masayoshi Takaya, this place offers no set menu but the experience is described as purifying and lovely. Fishes here are flown from Japan and gives you the best quality food your money can buy.

4. The Restaurant at Meadowood  St. Helena, California - $540 Per Person

the restaurant at meadowood  st

  • Price - $540 per person (drinks not included)
  • Courses – serves 15-20

With the three Michelin star and half a grand price tag, this place is anything but casual. The staff takes care of customer’s likes and dislikes along with any allergies and aversions before taking any reservations. Specific Menu is prepared for each table.

5. LArpege France - $456 per person

 larpege   france

6. Joel Robuchon at the Mansion Las Vegas - $435 per person

joel robuchon at the mansion  las vegas

7. Maison Pic Valence - $429 per person

maison pic  valence

8. Le Louis XV Monaco - $416 per person

le louis xv  monaco

9. Saison San Francisco - $400 per person

saison  san francisco

10. The Fat Duck London - $375 per person

the fat duck  london