Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

Romance has a different definition when it comes to marriage, which leads to a variety honeymoon destinations, so it’s important to choose the right destination. After all, that’s the best way to keep the romance live in a wedding.

A honeymoon is meant to be typical affair but it also enhances emotions to another level. Hence this trip should be special and remembered for a lifetime. Couples can spend on an average around $3,500 on a luxury honeymoon which include private villas and islands ensuring sheer luxury

1. Maldives


Maldives has the entire honeymoon essentials- white sand beach, turquoise lagoon, given the sheer beauty of these tropical islands and the magical underwater life that attracts people from over the world. It is the epitome of a romantic holiday destination; romance is what Maldives is all about. 

2. Cuba


This Caribbean Island with pristine white sand beaches, turquoise water and a culture that has been off-limits since 1950’s is one of the more untouched getaways to be planned for a luxurious honeymoon.

3. Iceland 


Energetic nightlife in the capital Reykjavik and the vast rugged terrain, clear skies, provide a wonderful contrast for honeymooners who are keen to explore extraordinary town and country. Take a bath in natural hot springs, catch the Northern ‘Aurora’ Lights or explore the urban culture that is all packed on this tiny North Atlantic Island.

4. Nicaragua


This destination in Central America has been beckoning the bohemian set of years, which are drawn to natural, eco-friendly vibes. For those who shudder at the thought of a traditional champagne and rose petals honeymoon.

5. Oman


6. Mozambique


7. Botswana


8. Puglia


9. Seychelles


10. Sumba Island, Indonesia

sumba island, indonesia

From the traditional champagnes and long beach walks, to exploring the uncovered history and culture of countries. These honeymoon destinations are elegant as well as romantic for any couple who want to plan the perfect honeymoon and enjoy the authentic culture of that destination.