Most Expensive Ice cream Dessert

Most Expensive Ice cream Dessert

Most Expensive Ice cream Dessert

Specialty ice-cream desserts are not meant for people who prefer to have regular ice-cream of nominal price which are sold everywhere. The most costly ice-cream desserts in the world aim to combine exclusive taste with lavishness.

These desserts can be alluring. Having an ice-cream on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and in one of the most luxurious restaurants is destined to be a memorable experience. These ice-cream varieties have elements like Iranian saffron and 23 carat gold.

For an economical crowd, it may seem ridiculous to spend thousands of rupees on an ice-cream. Following are the most expensive ice-cream desserts in the world.

1. Strawberries Arnaud - $1.4 Million

strawberries arnaud   $1

This is available at the Arnaud’s in the French quart of New Orleans. These extraordinary strawberries are marinated in the deluxe port. They are served with cream, mint and with very special topping- 4.7 carat pink diamond, once managed by English financier, Sir Ernest Cassel.

2. Absurdity Sundae - $60,000

absurdity sundae   $60,000

Considered as one of the most expensive ice-cream desserts, the Absurdity Sundae invents from the three twin ice cream company. You get more than a delicious tartlet made from rare ingredients. A part of the money thus collected is donated to a nonprofit organization in Africa for improving the environment. 

3. Frozen Chocolate Haute - $25,000 

frozen chocolate haute   $25,000                               

Stephen Bruce the owner of Serendipity 3 collaborated with Profligacy Goldsmith Euphoria, New York to create the Frozen Chocolate Haute. It is a blend of 28 cocoas, comprising 14 of the most generous and colorful variety from around the world. The ice-cream is merged with 5 grams of edible 23 karat gold and is offered in a challis lined with edible gold.

4. Three twins ice-cream Sundae - $3,333

three twins ice cream sundae

The Three Twins ice-cream company integrates a banana part secured in syrups from unusual pastry wines of the 1850s. This ice-cream desert is offered with an amazing obsolescent spoon. Besides this, you can get an individual cello implementation while you eat your sundae.

5. Golden Opulence Sundae - $1000

golden opulence sundae   $1000

6. The Victoria - $1000

the victoria   $1000

7. Mauboussin Mega Sundae - $1000

mauboussin mega sundae   $1000

8. The Black Diamond - $817

the black diamond   $817

It may seem a wasteful spending for some to spend such exorbitantly high amount for just an ice-cream that would melt within a really short time. It a pleasure for a few minutes! But people who want to spend life with lavishness would not hesitate before living this experience.