Most Luxurious Egg Dishes

Most Luxurious Egg Dishes

Most Luxurious Egg Dishes

Besides being a valuable source of protein and minerals, they are widely used in the making of cakes being an important ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes. However, in today’s world of fine dining eggs also feature as the main character in a number of gourmet dishes.

Cooking eggs is a culinary adventure and despite being a staple ingredient, they can be extremely fancy perched on a dollop of crab hash or scrambled with Lobster. Here are ten luxurious egg dishes sure to prove that eggs can make a sophisticated breakfast or dinner. 

1. Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict

Eggs Benedict is an iconic signature of the sophistication of eggs integral to taste The crispiness of a toasted muffin, the richness of ham and the perfect topping of hollandaise sauce is complete only when a perfectly poached egg yolk oozes its creamy texture over the entire dish.

2. Nargisi Kofta

nargisi kofta

Eggs are widely used in Indian cooking. The rich aromatic of a Nargisi kofta will get your taste buds tingling with every mouthful. Capturing the essence of India, it consists of hard-boiled eggs encased in a shell of minced meat or ‘Keema cooked in aromatic spices. 

3. Pavlova


Originated in New Zealand in memory of famous ballerina Anna Pavlova, none can resist the temptation of a crusty and creamy Pavlova. Resembling a meringue, it is made from whipped egg whites and traditionally served with dollops of whipped cream and fruit garnish.

4. Lobster Scrambled Eggs

lobster with scrambled eggs

This could well be one of the most delicious scrambled eggs recipes in the worlds. Introduced by US Chef David Burke, it involves a delicate balance of eggs scrambled with lobster meat, caviar, chives orange zest and crème Fraiche

5. Huevos Rancheros

huevos rancheros

6. Californian Hangtown Fry

hangtown fry

7. Egg Foo Yong

egg foo yong

8. Jumbo Crab Hash With Poached Egg

jumbo crab hash with poached eggs

9. Scrambled Eggs with Truffles

scrambled eggs with truffles

10. Frisee Salad with Vinaigrette

frisee salad with vinaigrette

This diverse and delectable list of luxurious egg dishes will change the perception of eggs as a regular and ordinary meal. Not only do they feature a perfect blend of aromatic herbs and spices, they explode with a tantalizing delight making any foodie want more.