Most Expensive Substances

Most Expensive Substances

Most Expensive Substances

There are things that money can’t buy and there are some things that only green notes can buy.

Here is a list of some natural elements that are exorbitantly expensive and rare to find, making them invaluable. 

1. Antimatter - $6.25 Trillion/gram


Antimatter is composed of antiparticles, which have the same mass as particles of ordinary matter, but have opposite charge. Not only is it hard to create, it is not long lasting either, as it quickly converts into pure energy.

2. Californium 252 - $27 Million/gram

californium 252

Californium is a rare radioactive isotope, formed by bombarding Curium with alpha particles. It is of both, commercial and medical value.  Californium is used in neutron radiography, reactor start-up sources, cancer treatment, and calibration standards. It was first synthesized at University of the California Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley.

3. Diamonds - $55,000/gram


Diamonds are the most sought after precious stones for jewelry. But it is multi-purpose in nature; it is used in major industrial applications, for cutting and polishing tools and also for used for scientific applications. 

4. Tritium - $30,000/gram


Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen, made naturally from cosmic rays, and used synthetically in nuclear reactions. It is used in fusion reactors and neutron generators. Moreover, tritium causes phosphors to glow and this, in turn, is used for making self-powered lighting devices. 

5. Plutonium - $4,000/gram


6. Platinum - $60/gram


7. Rhodium - $58/gram


8. Gold - $56/gram


Some substances are naturally available and some are man-made.  No matter what, these substances are in demand because of their valuable usability.