Most Expensive Golf Carts

Most Expensive Golf Carts

Most Expensive Golf Carts

Golf carts are very handy vehicles that are used on the golf course. Individuals, who love to play golf frequently, prefer to have their own golf carts which considerably save on a lot of their time and money, in spite of renting a car whenever they play on the field.

And for others, golf cart can be of prudent way of transportation for short trips where large vehicles cannot play. You can either select to buy it from a local golf cart dealer or from the world class dealers selling the most expensive golf carts, the list of which is given below.

1. Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit - $52,000      

garia edition soleil de minuit

This Garia Edition Soleiel de Minuit has been the most expensive golf carts in the world. The gear box of this car is made by Ducati Motorcycle Company and it comprises of carbon fiber roof just like the BMW M3 has.

It also includes a wishbone front end suspension which looks like popular F1 cars. Two colored hand stitched seats along with built in refrigerator is available.

2. Royal Limo - $25,449


This Royal Limo comes second in our list. This cart is suitable for the kings and queens. This is a partial version model. This 6 seated cart comprises of leather seats, alpine AM/FM/CD player, hard top and a 15 inch polished billet rims. It is built by the most luxurious brand.

3. Hummer 6 Pack Limo H3 - $22,600

hummer 6 pack limo h3   $22,600

This golf cart comes at no.3 in our list of being the most expensive in the world. Offered by Las Vegas Company and Bad Ass Golf Carts, this Hummer 6 Pack Limo H3 is licensed by GM. This cart features 72 volt A/C drive offering high velocity with high control.

4. F5 - $20,500


This model is the first custom golf cart shaped after the Italian sports car. The candy red apple color is the center of attraction. This cart includes fiberglass body, 15 inch rim head and tail light, battery charge indicator, 48 volt charging system and an hour meter.

5. The La Benz - $19,735

the la benz   $19,735

6. The Brooklyn - $18,999


7. X4 Hybrid - $17,900

x4 hybrid   $17,900

8. The Shadow - $16,500

the shadow   $16,500

Owning golf carts is a symbol of luxury and fashion. It defines that you belong to a high status. Though really expensive but the above listed golf carts would provide you with super comfort and style. Besides being used at the golf courses, they can also be drove to short distances.