Most Expensive Hotel Suite in London

Most Expensive Hotel Suite in London

Most Expensive Hotel Suite in London

Whenever you plan for a vacation, you are bound to find a place to stay for the entirety of the journey. Hotels are the perfect place for accommodation. Fancy visiting London and enjoy a royal experience of the city? If so, then you are in for a huge surprise, the city has to offer. In today’s world, the rates of hotel room can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the lavishness.

Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive Hotel Suites in London

1. The Intercontinental Park Lane, The Royal Suite - $ 20,000 per night

intercontinental park lane, the royal suite

Want to experience the live like a Royal family, then the Intercontinental Park Lane will suffice your needs. The Royal Suite Room was renovated at a whopping cost of $1.7 million.

2. The Lanesborough, The Royal Suite- $ 13,200 per night

$13,200 per night

The majestic site of Buckingham Palace from the room is worth a notice. The Royal Suite consist of drawing room, dining room, study room and kitchen. The most impressive quality of the suite is floor to ceiling windows.

3. The Langham, Infinity Suite- $ 10,200 per night

$ 10,200 per night

The Regent Street is one of the most famous roads in London, which also houses the famous Langham Hotel. The Infinity Suite of the Langham is quite famous room for a royal experience.

4. The Savoy, The Royal Suite- $ 9,000 per night

the savoy, the royal suite

This hotel sits on the riverside, providing a majestic view of the city. The Royal Suite of the hotel comes off with a hefty price of over $9,000 per night.

5. The Mandarin Oriental, The Royal Suite- $ 8,700 per night

$8,700 per night

6. Claridges, The Brook Penthouse Suite- $ 7,550 per night

claridges foyer

7. The Ritz, The Prince of Wales Suite- $ 7,300 per night

the ritz, the prince of wales suite  $7,300 per night

8. The Berkley, Pavilion Conservatory Suite- $ 6,600 per night

the berkley, pavilion conservatory suite

9. Sheraton Park Tower, Lowndes Suite- $ 5,800 per night

sheraton park tower, lowndes suite

10. The Dorchester, Oliver Messel Suite- $ 4,900 per night

the dorchester, oliver messel suite  $4,900 per night

While, the above mentioned hotels are not meant for everyone, it is certainly one in a lifetime experience. London, itself is a good city for visitors, hotels will simply add lavish style to your accommodation.