Most Expensive Airports in US

Most Expensive Airports in US

Most Expensive Airports in US

As travelling by flight becomes more and more regular for us you would expect that the price of tickets and other facilities at the airports would become considerably cheaper but so is not the case everywhere.

An average round trip fare for a domestic flight in the US is around $390. As the rate of travelling from major airports in the US is seeing a considerable increase the rates from some of these major airports is also increasing. Let us see the most expensive airports in the US according to the domestic fare cost.

1. George Bush Intercontinental Airport – $517.50

george bush intercontinental airport houston

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas is ranked as the most expensive airport in the US. With an average domestic fare for a round trip priced at around %517.50 travelers from this airport sure pay a higher price for their flight tickets.

2. Dulles International Airport - $504.20

dulles international airport washington

The Dulles International Airport in Washington has an average round trip fare for a domestic flight at around $504.20. This airport in the capital of the US surely sees a large number of politicians, bureaucrats and other lobbyists travelling to and from this airport.

3. Liberty International Airport - $480.30

liberty international airport newark

The Liberty International Airport at Newark, New Jersey is ranked third most expensive airport in the US with an average domestic round trip flight ticket priced at around $480.30.

4. Fort Worth International Airport - $449.40

fort worth international airport dallas

The Fort Worth International Airport at Dallas in the fourth most expensive airport in terms of average domestic round trip flight tickets priced at around $449.40.

5. San Francisco International Airport - $425.70

san francisco international airport

6. Los Angeles International Airport - $418

los angeles international airport

7. Philadelphia International Airport - $412

philadelphia international airport

8. Douglas International Airport - $410

douglas international airport charlotte

9. Kennedy International Airport - $405.50

kennedy international airport new york

10. O’Hare International Airport - $392.50

ohare international airport

Granted that these are also one of the busier airports the rates of domestic roundtrip fares from them are still steeper than compared to other hundreds of airports in the US.