Most Expensive Models To Book

Most Expensive Models To Book

Most Expensive Models To Book

Models on contract on high-end campaigns similar to fragrances, cosmetics and lingerie are super paid. There are more or less models who won’t get out of the bed without five-figure compensation for their single day.

All thanks to the fashion industry business model which yields to a massive salary and celebrity alike status. This list rounds about most expensive models to book in the world.

1. Gisele Bundchen ($ 45m)

Seventh time on the top of the list, Brazilian beauty earns through brands Dior, the Dolce & Gabbana fragrance The One. Victoria secret, Versace, Pantene, Max Factor, Ebel watches and few marketing enterprises, which comprise a lingerie line and several accessory collections.

photo gisele

2. Heidi Klum ($ 20m)

Ranked second, this German model hard work as Victoria secret head angel has earned her many professions and lots of money. She is busy in acting, singing, hosting a popular reality show “Project Runway” and designing her own activewear brand New Balance.


3. Kate Moss ($ 14m)

Contributing to the fashion industry for 25 years, this British model has campaigned for Gucci, Calvin Klein, Rimmel, Bulgari, dolce and Gabbana and chanel, she also had some gigs in designing clothes, handbags and fragrances which collectively make her millionaire.


4. Adriana Lima ($ 9m)

The Brazilian beauty is the longest-running Angel in Victoria's Secret history and the most followed super model. She earns her paycheck through other campaigns like Marc Jacobs, Maybelline, Desigual, H&M, Lima and Vogue Eyewear.

adriana lima 8

5. Cara Delevingne ($ 9m)

best eyelashes cara delevingne

6. Doutzen Kroes ($ 8.66m)


7. Miranda Kerr ($ 7.57m)


8. Alessandra Ambrosio ($ 5m)

220px alessandraambrosio

9. Kate Upton($ 5m)

kate upton