Most Expensive Plastic Surgery

Most Expensive Plastic Surgery

Most Expensive Plastic Surgery

Every person would like to have a beautiful face and tries different methods and treatments to get the most appealing face other others. Hollywood is known for celebrities who underwent plastic surgery which were quite expensive of all.

They have spent millions of dollars to get a new look and make them stand different from others. This article presents you with list of most expensive plastic surgery till date.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein- $ 2 million

jocelyn wildenstein  $2 million

Also known as Catwoman, this socialite went through plastic surgery for a decade which gave her the bill of $2 million. Jocelyn had so many plastic surgeries that went for so long. She had surgery on her lips, eyelids and other facial parts.

2. Michael Jackson- $ 1 million

michael jackson  $1 million

The king of pop was under many controversies and one of them was his plastic surgery.  She altered his facial expression which increased his bills to this stage.  He underwent 100 surgeries during his stage of pop star.

3. Demi Moore- $ 500,000

demi moore plastic surgery3

Demi Moore, actress, song writer and filmmaker who enjoyed youthful career until she underwent plastic surgery.  She underwent series of surgery below the neck, face lift and other areas which cost her millions.

4. Vivica Fox- $ 26, 085


This pop underwent the knife for Botox injections, lip injections, jaw implants and breast implants.  This surgery made her look a different facial person with different body posture.

5. Sharon Osbourne- $ 185, 000


This celebrity underwent series of surgeries to make herself look in ideal shape and size.  She spent almost $185, 000 which she later realised could have been used for better purpose. 

Other expensive plastic surgery was:

6. Joan Rivers- $ 99,000

joan rivers

7. Kris Jenner- $ 70,000


8. Barry Manilow- $ 70,000

barry manilow

9. Caitlyn Jenner- $ 60,000

caitlyn jenner  $ 60,000

Every celebrity in Hollywood has underwent the plastic surgery to make themselves look more beautiful for better and appealing than before