Most Expensive Suburbs of USA

Most Expensive Suburbs of USA

Most Expensive Suburbs of USA

There is common belief that major hustling bustling cities are the most expensive places to live in the USA on the contrary few richest of the communities in the country lives in suburbs.

Their vicinity to the major cities and best-paying jobs make them quite expensive to live. The following suburbs were rated on factors like cost of living, median property tax and median home price each equated with that of state’s average.

1. Chevy Chase village MD (Washington DC) ($ 251,000)

With the long-lived reputation of affluent, white collar, super rich locality, the place is packed with educated neighbours, expensive homes, calm streets, well-tended lawns and top-score schools. The place is family centric with highest household income.

chevy chase

2. Cherry Hills Village, CO(Denver) ($ 231,774)

cherry hills village, co denver

Near Denver, Mountain laden village of six miles is speckled with expansive, extravagant homes and just six thousand people. The perfect combination of rural and residential scenes for people who after have earned surplus money want to experience urban life in the city.

3. Mission Hills, KS (Kansas City) ($ 219,107)

mission hills, ks  kansas city

A Wealthy cultural community astride the Missouri river but preferred to be known as Garden community. Two square miles of picturesque architecture, fairy tale like wooded hills and winding streams and best schools welcome the wealthiest of all to live in with their families.

4. Belle Meade, TN (Nashville) ($ 213,375)


Upholding the status of an independent city, a traditional centre of wealth, a historical centre of a plantation and botanical museums, warner nature parks, is ranked fourth in median household income in the nation. It is just a few minutes from Nashville.

5. Highland Park,TX (Dallas)


6. Clyde Hill, WA (Seattle) ($ 210,500)


7. West University Place, TX (Houston) ($ 202,132)

west university place, tx  houston

8.Los Altos Hills, CA (San Jose) ($ 196,484)

private residence los altos hills ca 2 1800x1200

9. River Hills, WI (Milwaukee) ($ 193,438)

river hills, wi  milwaukee

10. Dover, MA (Boston) ($ 185,515)


The dull boring image of the suburb is long gone. These most expensive suburbs in the US are seen as getaways from city life with best in class school systems, low tax and zero crime rate sometimes even surrounded with mountain trails and beaches.