Most Expensive Haircuts

Most Expensive Haircuts

Most Expensive Haircuts

Expensive haircuts are massively trending this season, actually they have always been in trend and so are the world’s best hairstylists.

The haircut is the basic of all grooming acts and people are willing to spend extravagantly for a not so simple haircut and many consider it as a luxury, be it men or women. Let’s check out world’s most expensive haircuts of all time:

1. Jennifer Aniston: $ 600

jennifer aniston

Known for her famous role in everyone’s favourite sitcom, FRIENDS, Jennifer Aniston, our very own Rachel with her super sleek bob along with her ageless look very famous. Behind this special layered bob effect haircut was stylist Chris McMillan.

2. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei- $ 31,000

sultan hassanal bolkiah of brunei

It is one of the most expensive haircuts of all time. The royalty pays an average of $31,000 to his favourite barber, Ken Modestu from the salon of Dorchester Hotel in London and he’s been in charge of the sultan’s mane for 16 years.

3. First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower – cost unknown

first lady, mamie eisenhower

She started a trend in the mid 1950’s in Washington with her hairstyle that garnered mixed reactions. The first lady got her bangs from Elizabeth Arden who cut and styled it for her in Paris. The Mamie bangs, were all over and even knock offs were sold for $15- $25

4. Rihanna - $ 2000


Rihanna, best known for her crazy hairstyles by, Ursula Stephen, is also known for her continuous hair care regimes, top most of which is cutting her hair all the time to achieve the daring styles she sports on and off stage.

5. Jennifer Lopez - $ 400/week

 jennifer lopez

6. Michael Douglas - $ 6,000

michael douglas

7. David Beckham - $ 6,000

david beckham

8. Beverley Lateo - $ 16,000

beverley lateo1

9. John Paul Dejoria. - $ 40,000

john paul dejoria

10. Anne Hathaway - $ 8 million

anne hathaway

So many hairstyles, so little time. Its crazy how people spend so much money just for a haircut, but well well don’t we all want to look good as our favourite icons? Sure, we do!