Most Expensive Espresso Machines

Most Expensive Espresso Machines

Most Expensive Espresso Machines

Espresso is a loved coffee drink and has been so for more than a 100 years now. First discovered in Italy, Espresso has now become a popular coffee drink not only in Italy but the world over.

The name espresso does not mean a particular type of bean, it is the way in which the coffee is roasted and processed. Roasting preferences are light, medium and high. Medium roast is the most popular. The roasted coffee is packed into baskets. Espresso Coffee Machine makes the coffee  by pushing the hot steamed water into the baskets to produce the coffee. Rarely milk is added to the coffee, Italians add sugar cubes to the coffee.

1.Clover - $ 11,000


The world’s costliest espresso coffee machine was invented by 3 coffee addicted Stanford graduates. Clover makes the espresso coffee by driving the hot steam into the chamber with the filter and the brewed coffee flows out with the lather.

2. Blossom One Limited- $ 11,111

blossom one limited

Developed by Blossom, this espresso machine was developed in combination with Apple, Tesla and a start up called NASA. The machine has wifi to share recipes and 1.3 MP cameras to scan the coffee beans

3. Slayer Espresso $ 18,500

slayer 3 group front crop

Manufactured by Slayer USA, these Espresso machines . Some of the features that make you admire this espresso machine are temperature stability, steam capacity and control of extraction process. Get the coffee prepared by the finest baristas in the world.

4.  Rancilio Espresso $18,500

rancillio espresso

Suits all types of environments like home, professional office or kitchen, this espresso machine is just made to brew the finest coffee. Stable heat levels and optimal extraction quality makes this espresso machine the most loved.

5. Synesso Cyncra $12,500

synesso cyncra

6. Astra Fully 2000 Automated $12,500

astra 2000 fully automated

7. La Marzocco International’s GS/3: $7,000

la marzocco international

8. Kees van der Westen Mirage: $6,700

kees van der western mirage

9. Jura’s Impressa J9.3 One Touch TFT: $3,300

jura impressa

10. The Oracle: $2,000

the oracle

If you want to drink the best coffee in the world, then here are the espresso machines that will make the right type of coffee for you.