Most Expensive Haunted Houses

Most Expensive Haunted Houses

Most Expensive Haunted Houses

Haunted houses are becoming more popular by the minute thanks to paranormal reality TV shows such as Ghost Hunters, The Dead Files, and Haunted Highway.

These series allow viewers to follow along as they explore some of the scariest places on earth. These areas include mansions, castles, and more. Here is a breakdown of the most expensive haunted houses.

1. The White House : $ 110 million

the white house

You read it right, it is on top of the list and has been the sighting for numerous ghosts and other paranormal activities recorded by a lot of people. It is rumored that ghosts of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams and many more roan the halls at night

2. The Schweppe Estate $ 12 million

the schweppe estate

It is said that both prince and princess of the estate passed away in the house and are rumored that they still look out a particular window and it is stated that some of the servants still prepare food for them.

3. The Ennis house $ 4.5 million

the ennis house

Worth  millions, this house was designed by Frand Llyod Wright in 1923 and it featured in  lot of movies as well. The house has a unique mayan type of a look and is said to be haunted by various people.

4. Britannia Manor II $ 4.1 million

britannia manor ii

The most famous haunted house worth $4.1 million has become one of the top spots for Halloween parties and other spooky events and is known to be super haunted.

5. Lalaurie house $ 2.3 million

lalaurie house

6. The Surgeon’s House $ 1.2 million

the surgeons house

7. The Amityville house $ 1.15 million

the amityville house

8. Kimball Castle $ 879,000.00

kimball castle

9. Lizzie Borden’s house $ 500,000.00

lizzie bordens house

10. Franklin Castle $ 260,000.00

franklin castle

Haunted Houses have always been spooky but then there’s something about them that keeps attracting people be it the expensive ones or not, they are beautiful and scary at the same time.