Most Expensive Screenplays

Most Expensive Screenplays

Most Expensive Screenplays

A script, also known as a screenplay, is a creation of screenwriters. Screenwriters write scripts for movies and television or theater programs based on an adaptation of an already existing literary work. At other times, the screenplay can be an original work. 

It is important to know that scriptwriters can also base a screenplay on an earlier screenplay but with some twists and differences. Screenplays include actions, movements, expressions of characters and dialogues. Screenplays can be commissioned or spec and there are screenwriting software which helps them write in a better way. Below are the most expensive screenplays of all time. 

1. Déjà Vu - $ 5 Million

dj vu

Déjà vu was written by Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilli. The 2006 action thriller revolves around an ATF agent, Douglas Carlin. He is featured raveling back in time to prevent a suspected terrorist attack. He is also on a mission to save a woman with whom he falls in love. The net production cost of Déjà vu after filming was $5 million.  

2. The Long Kiss Goodnight - $ 4 Million

the long kiss goodnight

The Long Kiss Goodnight, grossed $9.06 Million from 2,245 theaters in its opening release. It further grossed another $33.447 Million in the United States and Canada. The film has received many positive reviews since release, holding a higher percentage approval rate based on positive and negative reviews. 

3. The Panic Room - $ 4 Million 


The Panic Room is an American Thriller film written by David Koep and directed by David Fincher.  The story is inspired by the real news coverage on panic rooms. It revolves around a daughter and mother whose home was invaded by burglars. With a production cost of $ 4 million, the screenplay is among the most expensive piece of artwork of all time. 

4. Basic Instinct - $ 3 Million


Basic Instinct is a thriller film that revolves around a thriller writer and an investigator who try to investigate a series of murder. Although this one of the most popular shows, people perceive Basic Instincts as a cult movie in a thriller segment. 

5. The Pink Panther - $ 3 Million

the pink panther

6. Mozart and the Whale - $ 2.75 Million 


7. A Knight’s Tale - $ 2.5 Million 

a knights tale

Hollywood is full of many experienced scriptwriters who always dream of selling their scripts at high prices. But, only a few of them can command multimillion dollar rates for a screenplay, and with more screenplays being written, we may witness more expensive ones.