Most Expensive Gaming Set-ups Ever

Most Expensive Gaming Set-ups Ever

Most Expensive Gaming Set-ups Ever

Gaming is a pastime that engenders not only passion but obsession in many, and the costs of paraphernalia associated with video games can easily run into thousands of dollars.

Hobbyists who want the fastest and most powerful setups will hand over thousands for top of the line gaming PCs and tools, but some of the prices are beyond even the most extravagant gamers’ regular spending:

1. Diamond encrusted Zeus Jupiter PC with platinum casing - $750,000

diamond encrusted zeus jupiter pc with platinum casing

It is made by Japanese computer manufacturer Zeus. The solid platinum case of the PC is decked out with diamonds, which are meant to recreate the look of an astrological constellation. Zeus sells a gold version which is a mere half million dollars.

2.  Sonic the Hedgehog super fan creates $500,000 classic game room

sonic the hedgehog super fan

Video game fanatic Barry Evans built a shrine to retro video games in a barn in his backyard. His massive collection is worth a staggering $500,000.

3.  Cruden Hexatech racing simulator $191,000


This immersive racing simulator costs as much, and maybe more, as a lot of supercars on the market today. The high end machine can replicate Formula One  racingwithout any of the danger. The system’s hydraulic tripod chassis setup is meant to recreate the feeling of how g-force would affect you if you were actually turning a corner in a real high-end race car.

4. Youtuber shows off $30,000 PC gaming room


The room was small, but it featured a wall to wall desk filled with multiple computers and monitors. He also showed off a racing simulator set up with three monitors to create an immersive driving simulation.

5. Yoyotech’s $13,000 gaming PC

yoyotechs $13,000 gaming pc

6. Grid 2, $41,000


7. The greatest show on earth - $6 million

the greatest show on earth   $6 million

Phew….. Expensive is the word to describe above Gaming Setups. Really some of us are great freaks for gaming by creating realistic sound and pictures all around as if all is happening in reality and what fun it would really be to have and spend that kind of dough on your favouritegame…….