Most Expensive Bracelets

Among various types of beautiful, unique and stylish jewellery, fashion bracelets are usually liked by all girls. These expensive bracelets are purchased by wealthy ladies. They purchase these bracelets as a status symbol. They purchase these expensive armlets to add more luxury in their lives.

Some ladies have a very Luxurious Lifestyle and to adjust in this life style they remain in search of buying more and more rare and expensive armlets.

1. Gulf Pearl Parure Bracelet - $ 31 million

gulf pearl parure bracelet

This gulf Pearl Parure includes a ring, earrings, bracelet and necklace. It is included among world’s most expensive pearl bracelets. It has total 24 diamonds in it.

2. Wallis Sympson Onyx and diamond Panther Bracelet - $12.5 million


This is historically an important bracelet. It is said that King Edward VIII gave this panther bracelet to the Wallis Simpson at his marriage ceremony.

3. Emerald Bracelet - $4,002,500


It is the part of Bvlgari Emerald suite. It is made of beautiful emerald and diamonds. It is an amazing mixture of emerald and diamonds. It has caught the attraction of many. It is now in the possession of Taylor.

4. Highly Important Diamond Bracelet by Gerard - $ 1,513,024


It contains 29.01 carat diamonds. It looks very beautiful and eye catching. This bracelet has a big diamond rock at the center of the armlets. On both sides of this rock, there are two rows of diamonds. Once it had been in some royal house collection of jewels and watches.

5. Martin Katz Diamond Bracelets - $1 million


6. Pair of Diamond Bangles by JAR - $1,136,000


7. Rare 18th. Century Diamond Golden Fleece Bracelet - $ 168,858


8. Natural Pearl and Diamond Parure by Gerard - $1,467,666

natural pearl and diamond parure by gerard

9. Diamond Bracelet by Van Cleef & Arpels - $1,467,466


10. Diamond 18K White Gold Bracelet - $1,35,811


Diamonds , Gold , Pearls are all synonyms with Beauty and Women and last but not the least Money.



By Radhika Anand

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