Most Expensive NES Games

Most Expensive NES Games

Most Expensive NES Games

Many people considered NES system to be an old and useless technology but many exciting games were introduced out of it. Games like Mario Bros and Kirby Adventures were the standard games of NES, which encouraged many video game users over the years.

It was NES, due to which the video game industry is in high demand now. It was only in the year 1983 that the first home gaming was introduced by the company and it received formal recognition and came to be known as Nintendo Entertainment System. But in reality, Fusajiro Yamauchi had already founded Nintendo long before. Following are the most expensive NES games in the world.

1. Stadium Events - $41,300

stadium events

Stadium events are broadly accepted as the rarest NTSC licensed release for the Nintendo Entertainment System, with only an estimated 200 copies in existence. The game comprises of Olympic styled competition with events like long jump, hurdle race and 100m race.

2. Nintendo Campus Challenge - $20,100

nintendo campus challenge

Nintendo Campus Challenge is a video game contest sponsored by Nintendo which took place at 60 college campuses all through the United States. Similar to Nintendo World Championship, the certified event allow each to play for 6 minutes and 21 seconds in the competition, but there are three different mini games. First is Super Mario bros 3, next is Pin Bot and third one is Dr. Mario.

3. Nintendo World Championships Gold - $18,000

nintendo world championships gold

The Nintendo World Championship Gold contest was launched in 1990 touring 29 cities of United States. The cartridge contains three modified minigames based upon the admired games super Mario Bros, Rad Racer and Tetris. The player was allowed to play for 6 minutes and 21 seconds and to achieve highest score was the main aim of this game.

4. Nintendo World Championship Gray - $5,500

nintendo world championship gray

The gray edition of the Nintendo World championship is not as uncommon as the gold edition. In 1990, Nintendo organized a video game to settle on the best Nintendo players in three dissimilar age groups. The winner in each city and age group was handed a gray cartridge in the form of prize.

5. Myriad 6-in-1 - $5,000

myriad 6 in 1

6-in-1 (Myriad) is extremely rare. While this doesn't guarantee that the title is sought after . The collectors however do guarantee that the title is nearly impossible to come by, and thus is much likely to be sought after by collectors . Collectors do desire a complete collection for the NES that too in perfect condition.

6. Stadium Events PAL Version - $4,000

stadium events pal version

The PAL Stadium Events is still a fairly rare game and pretty expensive too.This one is the original Bandai branded version of World Class Track Meet titled and published by Nintendo with identical play. It is considered as a part of the Family Trainer series in Japan. Stadium Events PAL version was one of the two games and was released in North America under the series banner which was called as Family Fun Fitness whereas the other one was Athletic World. 

7. Caltron 6-in-1 - $1,775

caltron 6 in 1

There are six games on the cartridge and each respective cartridge and box of this release has a serial number, according to the Digit Press rarity guide, making the Caltron version as one of the rarest commercial NES games which were released in North America.

8. Peek-A-Boo Poker - $1,300

peek a boo poker

Peek-A-Boo Poker is more or less just like a regular video poker. The exception is that it is particularly sleazy . This is one of three titles for the adults, which the NES released by Panesian in 1991. But due to their adult nature and also due to the fact that these were not licensed by Nintendo, there was lack in demand and the sales and distribution were not very impressive . All the three titles are amongst the holy grails of NES game packs.

These games are quite thrilling and exciting to play. It was because of NES games, that video game creators got inspired and made similar such games. Though expensive but they let you experience the greatest fun and thrill which no other games can!