Most Expensive Clothing Brand

Most Expensive Clothing Brand

Most Expensive Clothing Brand

Almost every individual desires to dress in an adorable and elegant manner. In addition to spending lots of time in selecting cloths, people also spend large amount of money over clothing simply to appear a bit different from the others. This instinct of appearing different from the others often leads them to pay huge amounts of cash over some clothing selections.

Most clothing distributors also know this and as a result they produce highly priced clothes. In this article, we present to you some of the most expensive clothing brands in the world. And possibly, you will look a little more different from the others after purchasing a cloth from one of these brands.

1. Valentino

valentino 1

The fashionable and creative designs from Valentino have a knack that makes most women fall in love with them. Today, they have turned into a hot property to many fashion lovers in many countries. Valentino is specialized and popular due to their wide range of evening wear. 

2. Versace


Versace is an Italian fashion that produces modern designs for both genders. The brand name is very popular among the trend loving people particularly those willing to pay any amount for better quality and the latest fashion. The brand has also produced a very wide variety of fashion-wear leaving no room for the competitors. 

3. Guess


Guess, an American brand, is very popular for its denim jeans. It is among the brands that constantly surprise their customers. They produce most of their fashion wear targeting the adult women and men. Some of their items that are highly popular among youngsters include T-shirts and jeans.

4. Gucci 


Possibly, this is the most expensive brand on the globe. The Italian company sells some of the most expensive items you will ever get in the world. Their fashion wear include shoes, luggage, handbags, ties and skirts. Even though their items are expensive, they are luxurious and stylish. 

5. Armani


6. Marc Jacobs 

marc jacobs

7. Dior


8. Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren

9. Hermes


10. Fendi


Most people will always look for wears to appear stylish and elegant. Some of these people include celebrities. But what you might not know is that to some individuals cost doesn’t matter against the beauty, quality, durability and the style of the purchase.