Most Luxurious Women Clothing Stores

Most Luxurious Women Clothing Stores

Most Luxurious Women Clothing Stores

Though only a small fraction of world’s population makes up for the richest and the wealthiest of people, yet there is no dearth of luxury clothing and stores, especially for women.

Fashion and women go hand in hand and besides being a form of expression, clothes are also a status symbol for many.

1. Oscar De La Renta – estimated worth $100 Billion

oscar de la renta

Making dresses for some of the biggest names in the world, Oscar has come a long way since 1960s. Being at the forefront for evening dressing and wedding attire, the company is at the top in many celebrities’ list of designers.

2. Louise Vuitton – estimated worth $24 billion

louise vuitton

One of the biggest names in luxury handbags and luggages, the brand is ahead of many others in fashion as well with eyewear, accessories, luxury goods of all kinds even after more than a century.

3. Prada – estimated worth $9.4 billion


Trendsetting since 1913, it is one of the few brands that invoke thoughts of luxury. From ready-to-wear leather and fashion accessories, shoes, watches, eyewear and what not; the brands speak for itself and has presence throughout the world.

4. Chanel – estimated worth $7 billion


Synonymous with high-end fashion and classy looks, this brand has been around since 1920s. with the introduction of the first perfume line, Chanel has been ruling the market for decades with specialization in both haute couture and ready-to-wear clothes and accessories.

5. Dior – annual revenue - $24 billion (2011)


6. Gucci - $4.2 billion


7. Dolce & Gabbana - $5.3 billion

dolce gabbana 1

8. Armani - $1.8 billion


9. Burberry - $323 million


10. Versace - $79 million


With many more brands like the above, you have enough options to choose from when luxury knocks at your door. Go out and flaunt it if you have it.