Most Expensive Nike Lebrons

Most Expensive Nike Lebrons

Most Expensive Nike Lebrons

The difficulty is obvious while the task belongs to find people who don’t like to wear a shoe and if it goes for Nike LeBron then the task is impossible. Nike has been influencing people from early 80’s by showing that the great basketball star LeBron James is remarkable at NBA since he wear Nike and the community literally admit that.

The price of the Nike sneakers rises higher when it branded by the renowned NBA great LeBron. There are also few other reasons like the console, uniqueness in design and style, color blending etc make the price even higher. But there are some LeBron editions which exceed all the expectations. A list of top ten most expensive Nike LeBron is as follows –

1. Air Zoom Generation Prototype: $19,999.99

air zoom generation prototype

With a price of $19,999.99 bucks, the air zoom generation prototype stood at the top of the list. The modifications have been made for this sample like neck height and Swoosh positioning along with very small availability raises the samples price in the sky. 

2. Nike LeBron 9: $12,500


This was the first edition branded by using the name of LeBron James. The brand name LeBron along with it limited copy make higher among the footwear and basketball lovers. Nike’s used business tricks become accepted all over.

3. Air Zoom Generation: $7,999.99 


The rumor of revival of this less available confidential sample constructs a high price. This was believed to be reintroduced in LeBron product line. The rumor makes it the product of collector’s choice. Collectors or designer are geared up to splurge more for it.

4. Nike Shox VC II : $7,000


Due to betterment in the edifice material and design variety the Nike Shox II version price stood higher than that of its standard version. This version is one of the most popular and expensive basics among the high school physical exercise element’s list.

5. Zoom LeBron IV : $7,000 


6. LeBron 9 : $6,000 


7. LeBron Celebration Pack : $6,000 


8. Air Max LeBron 7   : $6,000 


9. Nike LeBron 10 : $6,000 


10. Nike LeBron 9 Elite : $5,178


Being the owner of the most expensive Nike LeBron, the shoe is not only brought pleasure but also an honor. It is understandable that you might not famous like LeBron, but you positively have the delight to spending like the eminent.