Most Expensive Musicians

Most Expensive Musicians

Most Expensive Musicians

Music- a language which has no barriers or hindrances involved. It is the thing which soothes, relaxes, expresses, and conveys information. It is also the oldest and most ancient passion of the humans.

Ever since the inception of life, animals and humans have found the melody of nature an irreplaceable factor of life. As human beings evolved and developed, they learnt how to create music and deliver the best. This gave birth to the music industry. It is the industry that relies on expressions through a melody.

Let us have a look at the most expensive musicians:-

1. Rolling stones - $7 Million

rolling stones

The band that started in 1962 is still intact and rocking the world with its harmonious melodies. They may be a 5 decades old but their music is loved by all the generations and age is just a number for them. No wonder they charge a bomb per show!

2. Celine Dion - $6.5 Million

celina dilon

Titanic may have drown but the film was a huge success and so was the song “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. Since then the singer has climbed ladders of success and she performs twice or thrice each year.

3. Madonna-$1 Million

The saying ‘Old is gold’ holds true when it comes to singers and musicians. She is in the music industry since 1979 but her singing just gets younger day by day. The queen of pop is surely making people groove with her ability to strike the right chords!

madonna 010

4. Lady Gaga - $750,000

lady gaga

This new gen musician knows how to express and make people groove through her “Poker Face.” She might be unique and a notch apart when it comes to fashion and dressing up, but she surely knows how to make people dance.

5. Katy Perry-$500,00

katy perry

6. Black Eyed Peas-$500,000

black eyed peas

7. Adele-$500,000


8. Christina Aguilera- $500,000

christina aguilera

9. Kings of Leon-$500,000

kings of leo

10. Kid Rock-$250,000

kid rock

Art does not know boundaries or borders, it just flows and the artist gets what he or she deserves. Music is an auditory art that never fails to please! Just pay high and groove to the beats!