Most Expensive Cities to Live in Canada

Most Expensive Cities to Live in Canada

Most Expensive Cities to Live in Canada

Most people from Europe find the cost of living in Canada is significantly lower as compared to their home country. People moving to Canada  have to face a very expensive cost of Houses though.

While in Canada each of the major city centers offer a lot in the way of commerce, arts and culture the price of housing may be a deterrent for new residents or businesses thinking of relocating or expanding into the area as housing prices are indicative of the cost of living and doing business. 

1. Toronto, Ont. – Average price for a house is $ 482,648

toronto, ont

Toronto is the second-most expensive city to buy a home in Canada .What one can love about the this city is many residents live in the downtown core, which has encouraged a vibrant dining, theatre and entertainment scene that you can easily explore on foot. 

2. Victoria, B.C. – Price for a house $ 421,939

victoria, b

While much of Canada is still shoveling the white stuff at the beginning of March, Victoria smugly holds an annual flower count. In early March 2012 they claimed they already had over 2 billion blooms.  What a beautiful place to live in. 

3. Calgary, Alta. – average cost of a house $ 418,983

calgary, alta

The plus side is that You don’t have to pay provincial sales tax, you’re within sight of the Rockies, and only 120 km from Banff National Park. For a break afterwards drop by the bar at the Westin Hotel, where the Bloody Caesar was invented.

4. Hamilton/Burlington, Ont. – average home cost $ 349,943

hamilton burlington, ont

5. Ottawa, Ont. – average home cost $ 343,362

ottawa, ont

6. Edmonton, Alta. – average home cost $ 323,541 

edmonton, alta

7. Saskatoon, Sask. – average home costs $ 320,812

saskatoon, sask

8. Montreal, Que.- average home costs $ 318,982 

montreal, que

9. Fort McMurray, Alta – average home costs $ 300,000

fort mcmurray, alta

Conclusion : Despite Costliest Cities in Canada being so due to expensive housing these are still cheaper to live in with scenic surroundings almost around all the Cities. With lots of site seeing and exploring avenues present nearby .