Most Expensive Cities to Live in California

Most Expensive Cities to Live in California

Most Expensive Cities to Live in California

When warrior queen Calaifa ruled this vast territory later known as California, very few men were around. Then during gold rush mostly men were around. But today California is thickly populated.

This Golden state, can boast of having nine of the ten most expensive cities in U.S . Silicon Valley, Hollywood, industries, Disney land and tourist spots, well there are many attractions in California. 

1. Beverly Hills, California: 9 Bed, 9.5 Bath, 20418 Sq.Ft would cost around $ 35m.

beverly hills, california

the celebrities of Hollywood around, you smell of luxury even in the air. Million is upgraded for Billion here. 

2. Corona Del Mar, California: cost of living index here is 476

corona del mar, california

"The crown of the sea", is located in Newport Beach. Known for its breathtaking scenery, Corona del Mar is also known for its rich neighbourhood and expensive ocean views.

3. Montecito, California: A 9 Bed, 17.0 Bath, 18,671 Sqft will cost $ 34.5m

montecito, california

Montecito located in the Santa Barbara County is the home to many wealthiest communities in the U S. This place has highly picturesque natural landscape.

4. Rancho Santa Fe, California: The cost of living index here is 373.

rancho santa fe foreclosure

This beautiful city with breath taking scenery is in the San Diego County. This area is mainly made of single family residential areas and commercial complexes. 

5. Santa Barbara, California. Roughly 8 years salary is needed to buy a house here

santa barbara, california

6. Santa Cruz

santa cruz

7. Los Angeles

los angeles

8. San Jose

san jose

9. San Francisco

san francisco

10. Santa Rosa, California

santa rosa, california

Touch the sky from those skyscrapers, wet your feet in those sandy beaches, smell the luxury in air... well California has it all, all for a price.