Most Expensive Car Garages

Most Expensive Car Garages

Most Expensive Car Garages

What is a Garage ? A garage is just a place to keep your cars, but sometimes it becomes more than that. When does it become more than just a garage? When   it becomes more  expensive  than the usual garage, of course. And  also  when it has a kitchen, a living space, a TV, a gambling room…etc. It is also meant for security of One’s precious cars .

Some even have a climate controller which controls the temperature and humidity inside the Garage so that the body of the precious Cars remain intact and as shining as new, always for a show perhaps or to exhibit ..

1. Emirates National Auto Museum – Price $ 13.6

the emirates national auto museum

This Garage is for the UAE Royal Family housing more than  200 cars. This is where they keep their Cars. It is a climate controlled Garage shaped like a Pyramid in the middle of the Desert. Vehicles are often used too during Special occasions.

2. Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage – price $ 450,000

the jay leno big dog garage

The talk show host Jay Leno owns a vast collection of cars and motorcycles and this is where he keeps them. Not full information available but this is known that it took $450,000 to turn the place green , as in environment friendly with Solar Panels.

3. John Travolta’s Garage – Price $ 2.5 million

the john travolta garage

The Garage is in his Jumbolair Estate and has space for up to 15 vehicles , a Gulf Steam Jet and a Boeing 707 along with the support vehicles needed for both complete with a 1.4 mile runway leading to the Garage.

4. Ralph Lauren’s D.N.D. Garage – Price $ 1.7 million

the ralph lauren d

When Designer Ralph Lauren turned 60, not referring to age here but the number of cars owned, he decided to store them all at one place and hence this Garage complete with his Designer expertise of using color Black for floor and White for pillars and walls to keep the viewers focused on his collection of cars.

5. Tom Gonzales Garage - $ 6 million 

tom gonzales

6. Craig Jackson’s Garage - $ 2 million

craig jackson

7. Francis Wisniewski’s Garage - $ 1 million

francis wisniewski garage

8. Million Dollar Garage in NY - $ 1 million

a million dollar garage in new york

9. The Garage next to Harrods - $ 850,000

the garage next to harrods

10. Jerry Seinfeld’s Garage - $ 500,000

jerry seinfelds garage

It is really amazing how many cars one person can have and then more so how much can be spent to keep them safe , hidden from public view away from nature even so that they are as new as they came, always.