Most Expensive Stocks In The US

Most Expensive Stocks In The US

Most Expensive Stocks In The US

When we study Stocks , we must know technically speaking “ what is it exactly that makes a stock expensive, it  is its ratios , that is price to earnings , price to books etc. It has to be remembered from an investor’s point of view that a nominal price of a share means almost nothing.

Here is what Traders are talking today morning – “ Spoos up small “. The stocks crashing or spiking also depends on day to day happenings in the Country and around the Globe. The various policies of the Government can make or break the futures of any stocks. A war going on at another corner of the World also effects the prices of Stocks. 

1. Berkshire Hathway ( BRK-A) – Price :$121,049 ; Market Cap : $199.77billion

Industry – Property and Casualty Insurance is the safest bet and thus the stock prices.

berkshire hathway

2. Seabord Corp. ( SEB ) – Price:$1,920.00 ; Market Cap :$2.33 billion

Industry – Meat Products.

seabord corp

Eatables comes next with it being a necessity and a need for all times good or bad, hence the price of stock.

3. NVR Inc. ( NVR ) – Price :$740.00 ; Market Cap:$3.72 billion

Industry : Residential Construction.

nvr inc

To live one must have a house and to make a house a good Builder , a Construction Company with Expertise and Experience , so the stock price.

4. Incorporated ( PCLN ) – Price $655.34 ; Market Cap $32.41billion

Industry : General Entertainment 


Well after having a lace to live and food to eat, entertainment is the biggest necessity of all. To be entertained by expert Entertainers who put in huge experience into Event Managements and Organizing entertainers.

5. Google Inc. ( GOOG ) – Price $618.71 ; Market Cap - $200.28 billion

Industry : Internet Information Providers


6. Apple Inc. ( AAPL ) – Price $595.09 ; Market Cap -$549.71billion

Industry : Tech


7. Intutive Surgical , Inc. ( ISRG ) – Price - $526 ; Market Cap - $20.93billion

Industry : Medical Appliances and Equipment

intutive surgical

8. Markel Corp. ( MKL ) – Price : $424.79 ; Market Cap - $4.08billion

Industry : Property and Casualty Insurance

markel corp

9. Mastercard Incorporated ( MA ) – Price - $418.56 ; Market Cap - $53.31 billion

Industry : Business Services

mastercard incorporated

10. Biglari Holdings ( BH ) – Price - $409.50 ; Market Cap - $588.49million

Industry : Restaurants

biglari holdings

The invester and Dealers have to keep a sharp eye and ear out for hints of any developments that may effect their holdings and be prepared accordingly to Sell or Buy.