Most expensive virtual items in Video Games

Most expensive virtual items in Video Games

Most expensive virtual items in Video Games

With the passage of over two decades the online gaming has grown from a hobby to an industry with almost $ 70 billion a year. A number of new features are added to the games and now it has been from just a game of single player to multiplayers. With the increased number of players the industry leaders have also added new characters, shortcuts and levels that can add a great value to the players satisfaction with games.

There are a lot of players who spend hefty amount on games and various virtual items that can add much to the gaming experience.

1. Planet Calypso from Entropia (value $ 6 million)

planet calypso from entropia

The leading game Entropia Universe had a planet which made a history when it was sold for such a hefty amount to a company. It was sold with the biggest amount for any virtual item in the real world.

2. Club Neverdie from Entropia (value $ 635,000)

club neverdie from entropia

It is the same game that made a deal of huge amount. It sold various parts of Club Neverdie and got handsome amount for virtual items sales in the real world.

3. Crystal Palace of Entropia Universe (value $ 335,000)

crystal palace of entropia universe

In this unique and most popular game the crystal palace has been a place and because of ultimate features the players can earn also. Sale of this virtual place also got excellent value.

4. The Nest Egg from Entropia (value $ 70,000) 

the nest egg from entropia

This is a character of the game in the part Atrox which in fact without any particular virtual value but still it is sold with such a large amount.

5. Amsterdam-Second Life ($ 50,000)

amsterdam second life

6. Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog-Dota 2 (value $ 38,000)

ethereal flames pink war dog dota 2

7. Treasure Island-Entropia (value $ 26,500)

treasure island entropia

8. Age of Wulin Sword (value $ 16,000)

age of wulinsword

9. Echoing Fury Mace-Diablo 3 (value $ 14,000)

echoing fury mace diablo 3

10. Eve Online Revenant Super Carrier (value $ 9,000)

eve onlinerevenant super carrier

These are the leading value received by the gaming items in the actual world also.