Most expensive virtual items in Video Games

With the passage of over two decades the online gaming has grown from a hobby to an industry with almost $ 70 billion a year. A number of new features are added to the games and now it has been from just a game of single player to multiplayers. With the increased number of players the industry leaders have also added new characters, shortcuts and levels that can add a great value to the players satisfaction with games.

There are a lot of players who spend hefty amount on games and various virtual items that can add much to the gaming experience.

1. Planet Calypso from Entropia (value $ 6 million)

planet calypso from entropia

The leading game Entropia Universe had a planet which made a history when it was sold for such a hefty amount to a company. It was sold with the biggest amount for any virtual item in the real world.

2. Club Neverdie from Entropia (value $ 635,000)

club neverdie from entropia

It is the same game that made a deal of huge amount. It sold various parts of Club Neverdie and got handsome amount for virtual items sales in the real world.

3. Crystal Palace of Entropia Universe (value $ 335,000)

crystal palace of entropia universe

In this unique and most popular game the crystal palace has been a place and because of ultimate features the players can earn also. Sale of this virtual place also got excellent value.

4. The Nest Egg from Entropia (value $ 70,000) 

the nest egg from entropia

This is a character of the game in the part Atrox which in fact without any particular virtual value but still it is sold with such a large amount.

5. Amsterdam-Second Life ($ 50,000)

amsterdam second life

6. Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog-Dota 2 (value $ 38,000)

ethereal flames pink war dog dota 2

7. Treasure Island-Entropia (value $ 26,500)

treasure island entropia

8. Age of Wulin Sword (value $ 16,000)

age of wulinsword

9. Echoing Fury Mace-Diablo 3 (value $ 14,000)

echoing fury mace diablo 3

10. Eve Online Revenant Super Carrier (value $ 9,000)

eve onlinerevenant super carrier

These are the leading value received by the gaming items in the actual world also.

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