Most Expensive Bathrooms

Most Expensive Bathrooms

Most Expensive Bathrooms

Your bathroom is of course your status symbol. It is something that shows your taste and passion for interior decoration. You have fitted marble wall panels, toilets with water-saving fittings, and fog-free mirrors on its walls, which simply have a salutary effect on the whole of house.

You have taken maximum care to make sure that guests visiting your house get impressed as they see your fabulous bathroom.Let’s talk about a few most expensive bathrooms in the world.

1. Tree-house - Price: $ 865.32 for a night stay

tree house

Does this name sound unfamiliar and exotic? Yes, it is the name of a bath-room. This is available in Lions Sands Game Reserve in South Africa. Although, it is placed high above the forest, once inside the bathroom, you could watch any animal roaming about in the jungle as you wash your face. 

2. Underwater Bathroom - Price: $ 17,063 for a night stay

underwater bathroom

Whenever you are in Dubai, you need to go below the sea-level to the undersea resort to enjoy the underwater bathroom. The resort, located below water, is familiar to one and all as Palm Jumeirah Island. The luxury bathroom will fill you with awe. It is fabulously awesome.

3. Out of the world toilet - Price: Unimaginable cost for a night’s stay

out of the world toilet

This bath-room is out of this world. When you step in to it, you feel as if you are inside the international space station orbiting the earth. The development of this bathroom has taken a cost of £15 million.

4.  Hong Kong Hot Tub at Ritz Carlton Suite (Price $ 3,423.42 Per Night stay)

hong kong hot tub at ritz carlton suite

5. Star Bath Bathroom at Sanctuary Braines Camp (Price $ 1,012 Per Night stay)

star bath bathroom at sanctuary braines camp

6. Pent-house Bathroom at Four Seasons hotel, France (Price $ 16,472 per night)

pent house bathroom at four seasons hotel, france

7. Luxury Bathroom, Four Season Seychelles’ Serenity Villa (Price $ 1,255 per night)

luxury bathroom, four season seychelles serenity villa

Such bathrooms are superb in every aspect, which only the super-rich can afford.