10 Most Expensive Swiss Watches

10 Most Expensive Swiss Watches

10 Most Expensive Swiss Watches

It is absolutely true that rappers, players, and celebs have more than enough money to spend on flashy items. Some of the things they love to splurge on are mansions, sports cars, private jets, designer wear and watches.

A watch is no longer just a time-piece. It has become a high profile fashion accessory and a status symbol. Mentioned is a list of 10 most expensive Swiss watches of different styles, colours, sizes, multiple functions and properties.

1. Breguet Grande Complication, Marie Antoinette – $ 30 Million

breguet grande complication, marie antoinette

This watch is a masterpiece of Abraham-Louis Breguet. He began working on this watch making project in the 17th century. It was completed by his son in 1827-28. Copies of the Marie-Antoinette were marketed in the year 2005.

2. Chopard 201-Carat – $ 25 Million

chopard 201 carat

This watch is stunning for its jewels, beads, and perfect color scheme. It is bejeweled with 201 carat diamonds. The watch has more than 850 diamonds and three large heart-shaped diamonds.

3. Patek Philippe, Henry Graves Jr. Super Complication Pocket Watch – $ 11 Million

patek philippe, henry graves jr

In 1925, Patek Philippe was commissioned by banker Henry Graves to manufacture a pocket watch. Patek took eight years to complete the project. Extraordinarily beautiful, the watch has a perpetual calendar, the night sky of New York City and moon phases.

4. Patek Philippe, ‘Calibre 89’ – $ 6 Million

patek philippe, calibre 89

5. Hublot Big Bang – $ 5 Million

hublot big bang

6. Breguet & Fils, No.2667 Precision Stop-Watch – $ 4.6 Million

breguet   fils, no

7. Louis Moinet, Meteoris – $ 4.6 Million

louis moinet, meteoris  $4

8. Patek Philippe, 1939 Platinum World Time – $ 4 Million

patek philippe, 1939 platinum world time

9. Patek Philippe, 1928 Single-Button Chronograph – $3.6 Million

patek philippe, 1928 single button chronograph

10. Piaget, Emperador Temple – $ 3.3 Million

piaget emperador temple3 copy 660x330

These Swiss watches costing millions of dollars, are much sought-after among the celebrities and the PG 3 personalities for their unique designs, precious diamonds, gems, and stones. Their exquisite beauty adds to their exorbitant price.