Most Expensive Speedboats in the World

Most Expensive Speedboats in the World

Most Expensive Speedboats in the World

The Most Expensive Sailboats belong to the wealthiest individuals on earth. I can assure you won’t see many of these on the water, so the list of the most expensive sailboats may appear conceptual than true. But there is nothing conceptual about these sailboats.

Most Expensive Yachts

Although the closes you will ever come by these are on movies or magazines, the sailboats do exists and only the rich and mighty do cruise in them. One thing you will notice about these motorboats is that they are the most lavish toys on the planet today. Below is a list of the most expensive sailboats of all time.

1. Ecstasea : Price - $200 Million


There are only two famous things about this unique sailboat: it costs $200 Million and no one knows who owns it. Initially, it was in the hand of Roman Abramovich. It was later sold to a secret buyer whose name was never revealed in history.

2. Seven Seas : Price - $200 Million

seven seas

For those billionaires who love swimming and watching movies, Seven Seas would be a great choice had there been more than one sailboats of this nature. Unfortunately, there is only one Seven Seas, and it belongs to Steven Spielberg. It has an infinity pool whose wall serves as a movie screen. 

3. Rising Sun : Price - $200 Million

rising sun

$200 Million can build you an empire in East Africa. But for David Geffen, the story is a lot more different. Having enough money to burn, he bought this luxurious yacht of all time.  It has 82 rooms, a basketball and a movie theater. This dude doesn’t even have to leave this yacht.

4. Project Mars : Price - $161.8 Million

project mars

Project Mars is a yacht of its own kind. It’s totally out of this world. It has swimming pools, a spa and areas specifically designed and designated for business activities. If $161.8 Million is anything to go by, it doesn’t miss on the list of the most expensive.

5. Eos : Price - $150 Million


6. Pelorus : Price - $130 Million


7. Maltese Falcon : Price - $120 Million

maltese falcon

8. Abrosia : Price - $119 Million


9. Alysia : Price - $116 Million


10. Annaliese : Price - $103 Million


Every name on this list has ridiculously high prices. It is clear that such items belong only to the present day millionaires. And if you are one of those upcoming tycoons who has got some extra millions to burn, you might want to own the best yacht, like David Geffen.