Most Expensive Engagement Rings Brands

Most Expensive Engagement Rings Brands

Most Expensive Engagement Rings Brands

Choosing an engagement ring and its brand can be very perplexing. You are likely to come across several options and quite a few choices really must be made. When it comes to choosing brand, the designer brands are regarded as the most expensive engagement ring brands.

The custom made engagement rings are considered to be very common due to the exceptional designs and the top quality. These rings are typically expensive due to the great reputation of the brands and products.

1. Tiffany : Founded in 1837


Being at the top of the list, Tiffany is known for its exceptional quality as well as the trademark Tiffany blue that is employed in all their packaging and branding. It is not only known for its quality but are very affordable though can be quite expensive sometimes.

2. Harry Winston : Founded in 1926

harry winston

While speaking about the designer and quintessential engagement rings, Harry Winston stands as a big name. Engagement rings from this brand are typically some of the most expensive and exclusive known for supreme quality stones as well as bigger carat dimensions.

3. Tacori, California


Rings from this brand are known for their attention to every detail and European styling. Engagement rings of this brand are featured in different collections in order to meet the individual price point.

4. Cartier : Founded in 1847


Being a renowned engagement rings designer, this brand is recognized across the world and also esteemed by many. The price of engagement rings of this brand starts with just a few thousand dollar without upper end limit.

5. James Allen

james allen

This brand is known as an outstanding designer engagement rings producer known for incorporating excellent technology which allows the consumers to view the original pictures of the diamond they buy.

6. Verragio - New York, USA


7. Reeds Jewellers : Founded in 1946

reeds jewellers

8. Neil Lane - Los Angeles, USA

neil lane

9. Diamonds International : Founded in 1986

diamonds international

10. Simon G - Glendale, USA

simon g

In spite of the fact that the most expensive engagement ring brands and the popular engagement ring designers are only mentioned here, several more affordable alternatives must not be overlooked.