Turkey’s President Vows to Take Down Terrorism After Attack on Ankara

After the highly disheartening terrorist bomb attack on the grounds of Ankara; Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to bring those terrorists down on their knees. This terrorist attack took place on Sunday at 18:40 in Guven Park; at the capital Ankara of this country. The current situation according to the report is that 32 people left the world in this crucial bomb attack and atleast 125 people are seriously injured with the loss of property in the surrounding area.

turkiye cumhurbaskani recep tayyip erdogan

After this attack on the mother land of the president, he said that it was suicidal bomb attack by the terrorists and now they hava made his country’s security force even more effective. Now they have strengthened them. In accordance with the strict investigations going on; the victims behind this crucial attack is said to be revealed soon.


The president said that his country will work best in the security of it so that not a single attack could happen in his home ground again. He further told his country people for leaving the worries in relation to this attack as his struggle and efforts against terrorism will surely benefit them. In future the terrorists will never succeed in their causes and rather they will be caught before the mishap.


For the current situation, he believes that he will find and catch those terrorists behind the bomb attack and put them on their knees for ruining the beauty and peace of his country.

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