How to Boost Team Creativity?

How to Boost Team Creativity?

How to Boost Team Creativity?

As we know a team is a group of people working together for a common purpose. Hence the success of a team’s purpose depends a lot on the team creativity. There are number of people in the team with different skills and capability and best utilization of their skill in a better creative way can lead them to success. If team spirit is high the member of the team can maximize their output.

There are many obstacles which may be hindrance for the team creativity such as heavy workloads, tight deadlines and client demands. It has been observed that creative exploration in a team can lead to new avenues of thought and can overall improve the performance of the team.

There are some techniques which can be used to boost team creativity. These are:

Problem Should not be Treated as Problem, it should be Questioned


In a team problem might occur at any time. If the team leader try to communicate with the team stating the problem the team is facing then it might have a negative impact on the team members. They might lose their confidence. Hence the team leader should be careful while discussing any issues .He should communicate with the team member in the way of discussion. He should not focus on the problem. Instead of that he should ask questions to the team members about their current process .He should through some questions and try to get the answer for that from the team members. In that case they will explore their ideas and thoughts which in turn will help the team to solve the problem.

An Idea Should not be Shot Down Immediately


The team leader has great importance in the team. Their opinion carries lots of significance and weight age among the team members. So, it is the responsibility of the team leader that he should be very careful while passing a judgment. He should think outside the box and can effectively and creatively brainstorm the team. A leader might have different ideas or thought in his mind but he should not through it to their team members. In that case the team members will not open up their thought and ideas which might have a significant contribution to the team. Hence the leader should though his opinions at last when all other teams have put their ideas. Whatever opinion he takes, the team leader should be able to communicate with the team members explaining the advantages of the opinions. If any opinion suggested team member is opted genuinely rather than a leader’s attitude of choosing his idea, it will definitely boost the team creativity and team spirit.         

The Team Should be Competitive


The team leader should able to challenge their team members such as to come up with a new team slogan. This will make a competitive spirit among the team members. The team member will be able to innovate their ideas and thought to cope up with challenge .It has been found that a healthy competitive spirit helps in maximizing productivity among team members as well as outside. Competing with their team mates in a fair and courteous manner will bring out the best creativity in each of them and will motivate them to achieve their goal more effectively and efficiently.

Competing with your colleagues in a fair and courteous manner will bring out the best in each of you and will motivate you to achieve your goals more efficiently.

As we know creativity has lots of innovation it might take someone from average to outstanding. Hence to get the optimum performance of a team it is always necessary for a team leader to boost up their creativity.