How do Regular People Feel About Daylight Saving Time?

How do Regular People Feel About Daylight Saving Time?

How do Regular People Feel About Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight Saving Time i.e. DST is the phenomenon is which you set your clock timing one hour in advance; in the summer season. This process is done so that the evening daylight one hour time can be saved by sacrificing the one hour of normal sunrise every morning. Everyone in this world works in accordance with the clock whether it is the school hours, working hour, playing hours etc.

If the scheduled time gets disturbed then everything becomes a mess. The personal and professional life is generally set up with the fixed routines or we can also say the period of daylight hours. It has merits and demerits both.

Waking up one hour earlier

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Ways to Wake Early

In accordance with Daylight Saving Time; you need to set your clock one hour before the actual and normal time you used to. You need to wake up one hour before so that your whole day can be put in the same work routine as always. This one hour will let all the things in balance. If you will not do this then till the evening time; you will miss one hour daylight time. It is difficult for normal people to change their routine and decreasing their sleeping time.

Escalates Health Risks

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Following the Daylight Saving Time can be beneficial for you in varied ways but it is also observed that it is somewhat hazardous for the health of people. Due to the change in clock; it is highly risky for normal people’s health. In accordance to professional studies it is observed that people can be more prone to varied health related problems. Some of the most common health issues observed were; increase in the risk of heart attacks, mood swings etc.

Disrupts Morning Activities 

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Morning Habits

The most common thing that is affected by the Daylight Saving Time is the disturbance caused in the daily morning activities. Changing the clock makes it difficult for normal people to deal with this situation that causes chaos. People who used to work out in the morning time, people who used to go for jogging, for morning walk etc; could no more do these things in same way and hence, all of this system gets disturbed and this time gets cut off. Due to this, people are unable to exercise and keep themselves fit, toned and healthy.

Changing Clocks Twice a Year is Hazardous Socially as well as Economically

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Daylight Saving Time affects in an extremely negative way for both social aspects as well as economical aspects. Following this activity is observed to be highly disruptive in nature for these two fields. This is due to the fact that all the numerous benefits and profits in this field gets disturbed and convert into losses which is extremely unfavourable.

There are different types of people all over the world. Everybody has different mind- set and a unique way of thinking and perception. It is difficult for some people to be flexible enough to accept change in life. But the majority of regular people are observed to face varied problems due to Daylight Saving Time.