Stop Going Within, Start Going Without

Stop Going Within, Start Going Without

Stop Going Within, Start Going Without

If you are a freelancer, chances are you’ve seen an uptick in business in this very freelance friendly economy. But as all hired hands know, there are ebbs and flows to project based work that can be exhausting, scary, and just plain annoying.If you live in a big city like New York, it’s not easy to take time out and time off and not feel anxious about whether you’ll ever work again (of course you will).

Often the quiet times will force us to be introspective in terms of where we’re headed, what we want to do next, and what sandbox we want to play in once the phone starts ringing.  But here’s the thing- going within can lead to inactivity and too much time spent in one’s brain. If you’re looking for ways to know what’s right for your future career path, why not do the opposite and go “without”?  Instead of staying in, get off the sofa and absorb the bounty of the world around you and most importantly, be productive and enjoy your time off.

Here are five ways to get out of your own head (and out of your own way) during down time between projects:

1. Just Say Yes 


Get out there and meet these people you turn down when you’re too busy to think straight, let alone socialize. You never know where these shared moments can lead- every lunch and every glass of rose can lead to a new opportunity.

2. Hit the Gym


Sure you may be able to sleep a little later, but don’t use that as an excuse to let your body go. Physical activity not only keeps your abs tight, it also releases stress and is a great way to get out of your own head and into your body. (Style Yourself Out)

3. Get Inspired 


When we are constantly working, it’s hard to imagine checking out a new gallery show, movie, or pop up whatever. Go see what’s going on in the world around you.  Inspiration is essential when going without and thinking about your future.  Whether in your community or in another city or country, make some space for exploration beyond your social networks. (Stay Inspired on Your Journey)

4. Get Outside


It’s still lovely enough out there to breathe the air, feel the grass beneath your toes, and walk in the sunshine.  Too often we are cooped up in cubicles and conference rooms, why not enjoy the great outdoors and squash some of that anxiety at the same time?

5. Get Involved


There are many causes out there that need attention- instead of obsessing about your next gig, lend a hand to the causes you care about and volunteer. Doing kind things for those in need is the best way to get out of your own head, and can lead to finding your true passion, or at the very least provide time very well spent. (Start Practicing Self-Love)

So the next time you find yourself with some down time, resist the urge to get too introspective and find ways to go out and free your mind.  Less thinking and more doing will keep you feeling energized, inspired, and grateful- just in time for that next big project.