How to Say NO Without Hurting People

How to Say NO Without Hurting People

How to Say NO Without Hurting People

Sometimes it happens like you want to say NO but can't do it because you hesitate to say that. Do you know that there are so many ways to say this word? All of us avoid the situation to say no because in all the countries this word is considered as a negative word which will embarrass people. It appears to be an impolite word which people wantonly avoid.

We have faced such situations many times in our lives. Our children might have tasted not very tasty food which we prepared, but, they say it is yummy. It is just because of the fact that our children don't want to say that unpleasant negative words to hurt our feelings.

Be Professional

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We may completely hold ourselves from using that word when we are in the office. Our boss might have asked us to complete a difficult job before leaving the office. But, we might have to go home early to celebrate our kid's birthday party.

During these instances, we can't say NO. Still, we have to find out a way to express our refusal politely. It feels as if we are doing something unwillingly which is totally against what our parents have taught us. On the flip side, if we say yes, we would have to waste our time doing what the other person asked for.

Be Assertive


But, there are some instances when you have to say NO for sure. At the first instance, it may sound cruel. You will feel happy later. If you find a person incompatible, and you say yes, you will have to bear the brunt of it lifelong. In such case simply say NO to avoid a disaster later. There are many different ways to say NO without hurting others.

You Don't Need to Justify Yourself Always

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Accept that you don’t have time to do the task for your boss or help your friend to dispose of his old bike. Convince yourselves that it is only appropriate to say no instead of yes.

Just tell others that you are not able to help them because you are already stuffed with enough work for yourself. You can't do justice if you try to do the job for your colleague.

Remain Firm On your Denial

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Avoid saying yes when you don't want to say yes. If you are too hesitant to say that undesirable word, make others understand your genuine intention for doing that. Finally, you have found out a way to inform others of your intention courteously.

Hold some other person accountable for your refusal. Tell others that your wife may dislike it or you may be rebuked by your mum because she may not like it. This is another way to turn down other person’s request.

If you don’t find any way out, tell him on his face that I can’t do it. But, don’t forget to be all smiles when you say that.

Tell him that you are hard-pressed and don’t be able to finish even your job on time. So have to be in a hurry.

These are some of the ways to say NO in times of need without hurting others.