Ways to Start Practicing Self-Love

Ways to Start Practicing Self-Love

Ways to Start Practicing Self-Love

Being loving, encouraging and supportive of another person usually comes as second nature. We see our love lifting them, making them happier and optimistic about life. But how many of us forgive ourselves just as easily?  We tend to hold grudges and judge ourselves so harshly that we are stopped in our tracks and paralyzed by our mistakes.

This lack of self-love leaves us feeling drained and discouraged, keeping us from succeeding on our journeys to a fulfilling life. If you work at it, the vicious cycle of self-hate can be stopped. We can retrain ourselves by practicing simple steps toward more self-love.

Start with these three easy tips:

1. Use Positive Self Talk


Build Inner Strength

 We often doubt ourselves and even worse, say discouraging things to ourselves in our heads. We can be our own meanest critic and worst enemy. It’s time to flip that around and be our own best cheerleaders! When you hear your inner voice speaking negatively towards you, stop it in its tracks.

Even if you may, at the time believe the harsh words to be true, don’t allow them to be spoken. Defend yourself knowing that this voice of self-doubt will eventually hold you back from your dreams. Replace works like “I never” and “I can’t” with “I can”, “I will”, “I do”.

2. Learn to Accept Compliments


Too many of us deflect compliments, and downplay other’s high-held opinions when it comes to our talents, gifts and accomplishments. When someone pays you a compliment, accept it! Don’t devalue yourself by disagreeing. Instead, honor them and honor yourself by graciously accepting their flattery. (Up Your Self-Confidence)

It will make them feel good and it will start to change your relationship with yourself. There is nothing wrong with agreeing to a positive statement that is made about you. And the more you hear and accept these truths, the better you will think and feel about who you are.

3. Treat Yourself


Have you ever given yourself a hug? It might sound silly but I fully encourage you to try it right now. It feels good to receive love, especially from ourselves. If you’re working hard and looking for a little special treatment, why not give it to yourself? Mindfully buy your favorite treat at the store. Light candles for dinner, even if you’re eating alone. (Live Happier with Positive Thoughts)

Go out for a massage or if you can’t, give yourself a little neck or foot rub. Show your body and soul that you love yourself completely and treat it with loving care. It will respond positively because when we take care of ourselves, our bodies know we are listening and will work to communicate back to us. Treating ourselves with love will encourage our bodies to function their best and keep us healthy and happy.


Positive Affirmations For Happiness

Self-love isn’t something that comes easy for most of us. It is however a practice that we can work on and develop, and every little change we make will show dramatic improvement in our lives. Self-love seems to have a ripple effect on us, bringing in more love from others and more easily found joys in life. Self-love is one of the first steps I strongly advocate if you’re on the path to a blissful and successful life. (Successful in Life)