If You Don't Yet, Start Believing in Yourself

If You Don't Yet, Start Believing in Yourself

If You Don't Yet, Start Believing in Yourself

"Believe in yourself and you will be able to do great things" I bet that's one sentence many of you heard from your parents and school teachers growing up. But where does that saying hold up in this world of stress, troubles, and doubts? It turns out they were pretty spot on about that.

Belief in yourself is powerful; it can shape continents, move mountains and achieve monumental tasks. So now If You Don't Yet, Start Believing In Yourself.

Belief Is Based On Acceptance Of Failure

accept failure

Most people think that belief in yourself means brimming with confidence, unafraid to face the dangers of the world. Quite the contrary, if you believe in yourself, you know that failure is always a risk but that you're ready to overcome that risk when it comes and to learn from it. You are unafraid to fail, as you know something good will come out of that failure as well.

The Power Is In You

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One of the main reasons why you should believe in yourself is that you are the captain of your own fate and that your decisions and actions will decide what kind of life you live. The point is that you should not doubt yourself and believe in what you can do simply because you are the one that will do it, if you can't believe in yourself, who else can? To succeed, in order to do your very best have faith in your own skills and have the confidence to live your life and make it the best you can make it be.  

 Successful People Believe In Themselves

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If history is any indicator of a trend then you can see the sheer number of people who found success because they believed in themselves even when others didn't. Charles Goodyear for example, he discovered vulcanization and was where Goodyear tires got it's name. Though while experimenting with ways to improve rubber he got sick, spent fortunes, his family's fortunes and even got arrested due to financial problems. I highly doubt anyone else believed in him after sinking that low.

Yet even after that he kept going fueled by belief in himself and his invention, and eventually discovered the process of vulcanization. Another example would be Michael Jordan, in Highschool he was rejected from his school's varsity on grounds that he was too short to play at the level they were competing at. But he believed in himself, he strived hard, worked hard and never quit.

Where is he now? 6 Time MVP, 6 Time NBA Champion and was a member of 2 Olympic basketball teams, both of which brought home the gold. Many more famous and successful people have made their mark on history, now just how many of them did those amazing feats without believing in themselves and trying their absolute best to achieve whatever dreams they wished to reach.

Law Of Attraction

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Good thoughts lead to good things happening, bad thoughts lead otherwise. Does that sound absurd to you? Well, it makes more sense when you realize that our brains are hardwired to go further and further into whatever you feed into it. If you feed belief and positivity into your brain you will feel freer, you will feel more confident, and you will succeed more.

On the other hand, if your mind is full of doubts, full of fears, that will lead to anxiety, paranoia and lost opportunities to succeed.Our brain imitates and strengthens whatever emotion is most commonly in place, remember the law of attraction, believe in yourself, and things will certainly look up.

Belief in ourselves is something that should not be overlooked. It inspires and strengthens it allows us to do great things despite great odds and to defy the disbelief of others around us. Belief is powerful and is the key to becoming successful, happy and content. Many people have overcome immense difficulties because of the belief they had in themselves, in what they can do and what their actions would accomplish if successful. Belief is powerful, and hopefully, you realize this now, and if you don't, I hope you do now.