Is Rio's Political Crisis Going to Affect the 2016 Olympics

Is Rio's Political Crisis Going to Affect the 2016 Olympics

Is Rio's Political Crisis Going to Affect the 2016 Olympics

Till recently, Rio De Janerio, the seaside city of Brazil was excited to host  Summer Olympics, which is going to be held during the month of August. But, it appears as if there are some hurdles which upset the whole idea. Now, everyone, including the leaders is skeptical about hosting the games here in Brazil. If we get to the bottom of the point at issue we can easily comprehend that there are mainly political upsurge and health issues which are a stumbling block to making a headway to progress. To top it all, the country is now in a deep financial crisis, which further aggravates the gravity of the problem.I am now going to discuss how bad is the political and other factors to affect 2016 Olympics.

Financial Crunch

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This country was undoubtedly having an economic upturn before it started facing a terrible recession from the year 2014 and it is not expected to improve during 2016.Even the games organizing committee has downsized  the budget for the games by 10% because of the reason that the country can't afford to spend lavishly. The committee has further informed that it wanted to stay within their already decided projection of 1.9 billion dollars. It is sad that the economy of this country has shrunken by 2.7 % during the last year with inflation rising to 9.5%.

Presidential Crisis

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The economic crisis resulted in taking extreme political measures like reducing the salary of government officials, reducing expenses on health programs, and investments in infrastructure. The Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has not that much support from the people, which is a major crippling factor. She is currently facing the threat of political impeachment by the opposition party leaders due to the corruption issue. Carlos Nuzman, the organizing committee chief, has said that they are in the situation to adjust to everything instead of thinking of spending lavishly.

Zika Epidemic

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Furthermore, the Zika epidemic has made the situation sore. This has been declared as a global health emergency by the WHO. It is expected that the Zika will pose a threat to the participants as well. If the visitors who are going to come to this place and the participants contract this disease, there are no sufficient facilities to take care of them.

Poor Construction


While these factors made an adverse impact in the happening of this event successfully, a 150 long bike path collapsed into the ocean, further increasing the tension in RiodeJanerio. This accident injured a lot of people and caused the death of two people. This bike path is a venue for the Olympic games. This is considered to be a negative sign which makes it sure that this country is not prepared to host a game like Summer Olympics.

To sum up, it is not only the political crisis which has made the happening of this event almost difficult. All the factors from political turmoil, economic crisis, and Zika epidemic contributed equally to this adverse situation. Despite all these negative factors, mayor Eduardo Paes, has expressed a positive opinion about hosting the great event successfully. He also added that almost all the preparations for the event is over and is looking forward to hosting the event soon.